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  1. Yes, in I still live in the island of contrast! Why do I say contrast? Though Puerto Rico is an island of beauty, ugly always rears it's head. Drugs, murder, and violation, also known as the DMV. However a new hero has emerged! A vigilante who fights for justice! His name? Assman. So because of this, I've decided to become: A HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN! Holy crap man cats are cool and all but, 22K! I personally have three cats they're indoor/outdoor (however in Puerto Rico most cats are outdoor) for the most part they're safe, but my Siamese gets into trouble a lot. Hey on the other hand, no poop to clean!
  2. So it's Assassins Creed 3 retold with an interesting lead character? Sold! Actually, yeah - it pretty much is.[...] They're all great reads and I hope Ubisoft keeps them up - they're definitely great ways to get more information about the characters and the world they live in. I also kinda hope they do one for Liberation, since they've not done that yet. Here's hoping! There are a number of unabridged AC audiobooks on Audible. I wonder if they're good... http://www.audible.com/series/ref=a_pd_Myster_c2__1_sa?asin=B007P8DUE8 hey man, I've been listening to the audiobook version of the Assassin's Creed novel (book 3 btw) and while the story is somewhat formulaic and episodic, the guy reading it has a fantastic voice. By the way I just pirated the audiobook (I know I feel shameful... or do I?) if I like it I'll get the print version.
  3. Haha! Guess who's back and somewhat insomniatic? Edit: oh god! I can't handle the cat cuteness!
  4. I'm pretty sure hot and bookdust are into that kind of stuff. of course i am. not because i have any sort of weird fetish but because i am actually a vampire ooooOOOooOooooOospooky Of course hot, whatever you say, whatever you say.Unleash the bloody tampons!!!!
  5. Same here. Trying to talk mom out of this game, actually. I don't want to see her love of videogames crushed by an MMO version of her favorite game. Wow your mom plays video games? I can't even get my parents to play Wii sports.P.S. There's nothing sadder than playing Mario party alone
  6. I'm pretty sure hot and bookdust are into that kind of stuff.
  7. talk about being upset by a girl!I on my part have no girl problems! For I am an impenetrable fortress of solitude, of who no one has yet to pass! She did dumbass. Oh I'm sorry scarecrow you read it wrong... or perhaps I simply wrote it wrong.I meant it like: "talk about being sleepy!" Or "talk about it being painful!"....... okay this isn't working. Basically I'm saying how he hit the topic on the nail. Most people here have been talking about romantic problems while he gets upset about a girl for a reason that I feel deserves to be upset about. So think of it as an upset Oscar. I'm not saying a broken heart is not upsetting, but.... Ok, I need to ask this. What the hell did I just write?
  8. No you're not, you're a virgin. Hey you said I could fun of your virginity Virgin? Virgin?! Wait a minute! I'm a virgin! Mom! Dad! How did you keep this a secret from me?! I see.... Virgins EVERYWHERE!
  9. talk about being upset by a girl!I on my part have no girl problems! For I am an impenetrable fortress of solitude, of who no one has yet to pass!
  10. As the title implies anytime you come up with a joke about Scarecrow's (AKA: Bookdust) post count then please post it here, so it can forever be immortalized on DFAF. Also if you want you can look up old jokes and post it here as an archive of sorts. So if you please ladies and gentlemen, indulge me in this journey to the land of crappy jokes where scarecrow dwell in his abode on top of his lonely mountain of post.
  11. LOL This is not a new joke, you people been giving me crap about biggest post count since I hit the top of the rank by post list. You need new material. Let me help you. - Virgin - Bi/Pan - Unrepentant and Incorrigible Pervert (ask me what I'm not into) - Attends a Community College and is 26. - Jobless - Undesirable (It's not my looks so much that I am horrible in every other way). - Enjoys the musical Annie. - Is in love with a boy who has a girlfriend. - Completed his first piece of fiction start to finish, and it was an erotica. - Has more porn on his computer than he does... Pretty much anything else. - Is obsessed with transgender women to the point of being politically incorrect - Avoids tumblr for this reason. Let's try to shake this up so hot can be an easy LOL to something that's at least original. Screw you Bookdust! I'm going to make a thread dedicated to making fun of your post count!
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