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  1. Seriously, I never had to think about the next step for more than a minute. However, I love the graphics style. I'd love to see more in this style with a few more puzzles that actually make you think. More combinations in the inventory, more strange puzzles that make your mind bend. I remember surprising the cook as the chicken devil in monkey island 3 by getting tarred and feathered by the monkey pirates.
  2. Exactly, I remember playing Monkey Island 3 for weeks. The game needs more brain busters about which you actually have to think about.
  3. Essentually I'm pleased with the controls. However, it happens to often that I accidentally close a dialog because I click in the upper part of the dialog choices. I think a special end dialog button is more sufficient. Furthermore I'd love to skip single dialog lines as I always play with subtitles enabled and read faster than they speak.
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