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  1. Where should the player change between Vella and Shay?

    Yep, unfortunately, that proved true for me. I thought "They'll have created the switch point at an interesting plot point of the game, for sure", and hoped for that. Turns out, they didn't (and that's not any kind of reproval), and I was seriously confused at the end of the game, and thought "Huh? Now there must be some more, mustn't there?". I guess I'll let it sit for a little while and then play it again in random order before act 2 comes out.
  2. Why the hate on the "Arial" font?

    Okay, seriously. I get it. Don't answer this. So, what's this about? I just watched the developer roundtable video and when you talked about UI fonts and how you would have to be careful to think of all the special glyphs and umlaut marks needed in many European languages, I instantly though of a great website I came across recently, The League of Moveable Type. Quite basically, those guys design fonts (partly for the fun of it, partly on commission) and make them accessible publicly, for free. Just recently, for instance, a client commissioned them with expanding on an existing font, requesting - you guessed it - umlaut marks, glyphs, italic and condensed styles etc. That client also was fantastically awesome enough to let the League give all these expansions back to the community, for free. So, I was thinking, with all this Kickstarter money you could actually commission your own Massive Chalice font that you feel will match the UI perfectly, and at the same time give even more stuff back to your fans around the world by letting them use the font - on their Massive Chalice fan websites, for their fan artwork, and all the other stuff fans do. Whaddayasay? (Just in case anybody's wondering: I'm not in any way affiliated with the League, but they seem capable, nice guys and devoted to the cause of creating high quality fonts for everyone to use. From time to time I come across something that strikes me as awesome, and their project was one of these cases.) Thanks for reading. Best, Jules Edit: check out this blog post about how they were commissioned with those expansions. Makes for a good read, I think.