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  1. Very true. Thank you. You have a valid point, I hadn't seen it that way. You're right. Funny how condescension and name-calling by others failed to change my mind but this did:) People should take notes, insults don't change minds. I didn't make the OP to be ridiculed, talk smack about Double Fine, or piss people off. I was simply venting an opinion and asking for feedback, widening my view of the subject. My view has been widened. Thank you everyone for your input: support or counter opinion. I cannot wait to see how this game turns out:)
  2. ^ Since everyone keeps quoting this....I have no problem whatsoever with them bringing in more money as I said in my OP.
  3. I knew my opinion would be met with a lot of opposition, but I'm surprised no one shares it--or is willing to admit it for that matter. I do understand where the rest of you are coming from, and let me reiterate: I am not angry that they decided to let more money come in, I just wish they had gone about it a little differently. Actually I'm not angry at all, just a little irked. Nothing I can't/won't get over however. Just needed to vent.
  4. If I would have had the money to donate more than $15 I gladly would have, but at the time I could barely afford to eat and didn't want to miss out on being involved with my favorite developer, Tim. So I sucked it up and went with the $15. And now, people can just hop on after the fact and get the same perks I got, and though I understand and respect opening up the donation process to more people, I feel as though I should still have more perks than they get. I know life isn't fair blah blah blah, but that doesn't change how I feel. I made a sacrifice, if the Kickstarter were now I could give a lot more, but it isn't. And in hindsight I could've waited til now to give the money, when I'm working and wouldn't miss it as much. TLDR: I'm mad that Slacker Backers are getting the same perks as us $15 Kickstarters. /endrant How do you all feel about it?
  5. A few people have already said this in more words than necessary, but to put it simply: because all of the costs have already been paid upfront, and they are using the entire budget for production, prizes, documentary etc; then it stands to reason any actual sales would be profit, and therefore go to 2PP and Double Fine according to whatever sort of profit arrangement they have made. I don't think there is any problem with this. They are doing something for US, and if they happen to make some money off of it when it's all said and done everybody wins here.
  6. I've fixed RVM, but there is no grim.tab file, when I try to load the game it says it cannot find a game in the specified folder. I've copied all the lab files over....hrm
  7. So I cannot get ResidualVM to start at all, tried troubleshooting it through Terminal...no success. Now I have it but naturally the game is giving me issues lol.
  8. Thanks, trying it now. Really appreciate your help!
  9. I want to play GF on OS X. I have the discs. Could somebody explain this to me? Go ahead and make fun of me but I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what to download since it says dailies are for more experienced users etc. The there's a patch which I'm thinking is the original patch for the old published GF version. So wth is ResidualVM for download? This website has me feeling like an idiot. I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out. (Already tried googling for help etc.)
  10. Actually Tim is a god. Blasphemy. /justsayin
  11. I spent $75 on new (to me) Grim Fandango discs a few years ago when mine got beat up, now I see them for $30:(
  12. I really liked them showing the alternative cuts. It really goes to show you that they had absolutely no idea how this would turn out. I'm also really glad they filmed so much of what happened along the way even before knowing the attention they would get. Like the launch of the kickstarter to begin with.
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