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  1. A lack of focus on puzzles was the real disappointment for me. The art was really good, but so many more puzzles could have been fitted into that many painted scenes! I wanted to stay so much longer in some of those places and just "experience" them more, and having more / harder puzzles would have forced me to slow down and take my time instead of seemingly rushing from one place to the next. Good luck with Act 2!
  2. I'm not here to hate. I love everything I've seen so far but that doesn't mean these guys walk on water. I'm in video production myself and I totally understand that things happens and editing can take much longer than expected BUT it's very easy to keep people in the loop. I dont need or want a detailed list every step 2 Player is taking to make the next episode great but a quick note with an updated timeframe could be done in less time than it takes FCP7 to "Render all". The weird thing is that 2pproductions has been active on Twitter the past couple of days - but only to provide updates on Massive Chalice.
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