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  1. For me it became a toss up between Black Lake and Autonomous. Black Lake seemed promising but I had yet to see how it would work to be convinced. There seems to be a game in there and I got stoked after watching the 2pp video when they showed the sensing mechanic (smell). It'll be interesting to see if they manage to get in more mechanics to track animals than to follow trail. There is much potential in this game. I wasn't interested in Autonomous initially until they started getting together the game mechanics, judging from the 2pp video with the robot that shoots "hamburgers" in hilarious ways. In the end I voted for Autonomous because I'm a sucker for the 80's TRON graphics. I was first rooting for Hack n' Slash in the beginning, but we have yet to see how the hacking mechanic will work in the game.
  2. I like the messenger bag and usb cord idea. A bit of critique though: Her eyes, in the front view, are weird and distracting as they're narrowly placed. The shapes of her eyes also make it out that she looks angry. I also think there is a missed opportunity for a game about hacking is that she isn't wearing some awesome glasses/specs; as in big frame hipster type of glasses. 8-) Keep up the good work!
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