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  1. While being a backer of this game I didn't download the beta version. I downloaded it today for the first time, and after starting it.. ..I was looking at the main menu, watching the animations, listening to the sound, for like 5 minutes, just feeling happy . Then I jumped into the game. Playing it, feels a bit like if I would have been a part of creating this game. I'm obviously not, but following you guys in the video episodes for so long, and now actually seeing the results - feels like home , I now realize what you guys were so sorrow and excited about all the time. It is beautiful! Congratulations and my best regards! Elstyr
  2. I've got my backers pack few days ago (Germany), wore the shirt yesterday, and it felt good :-). Not only that it is made of very nice fabric - it looks damn good! The steel grey color and the decent prints do a good contrast. I like it very much! And to be honest, I didn't even unpacked the poster, the pin etc. yet.. The shirt is what I was looking forward to the most, and it definitely did meet my expectations. Well done! Cya
  3. I definitely go for the charcoal gray version. And, I'd like it if you'd keep the decent contrast of the 'backer' writing like it is! Nothing more embarrassing than shirts with shiny 'STAFF' logos *shudder*.. ;-) PS: I'm a 110 backer. Best regards, elstyr
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