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  1. I saw someone above say that the artwork wasn't up to par of what was expected. I just have to ask, how is that possible? Tim asked us for $400k. $100k was for 2PP. For $300k, we were probably looking at getting something on par with the original Monkey Island. For me, this has far exceeded my expectation of what I was getting for my contribution. The artwork isn't something I would have created (which is better for all of us, trust me) but I have faith in this company to give us something fun. And point-and-click. I'm not going to finish this game and go, man.. what a fantastic story. What an experience. But you know what dampened things? This 1-frame head turn. =) .. Just trying to lighten the mood a bit. Also, in one of the more recent episodes - it may have been the one before last - there was talk about Tim not liking the way the girl turned. I would imagine attention is being paid to every little bit of animation. If it's there in the finished product, you can bet that it is there because stylistically they liked it.
  2. I learned about this via a tech personality on Google+. You know what my first thought was? 'Oh cool.' Never once did some sense of entitlement upset me. The thought to grumble about not knowing this information before a non-backer didn't occur to me at all. I'm happy to fund the game. I'm getting incredible behind-the-scenes footage. And I'm getting regular updates. I don't need to know everything before everyone else. Seriously. And you know the people complaining the loudest probably contributed campaign minimum. How about we just calm it down, look at the beautiful game art, enjoy the documentaries, browse the incredible wealth of entertainment in these forums and just be happy that we're getting an old school point and click adventure? Life is about perspective. You're here on planet Earth another day. Thank God, or god, or the universe, whoever it is you thank. This experience is pretty cool, amiright? And it's pretty cool even without being on the cutting edge, or being the first to know, at least IMO.
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