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  1. I'm thinking the effects of "time attacks" should have a feedback on the battlefield, like areas of grass getting brown or gray after the impact of a decay power. Your character could suffer an aging attack, growing a beard right on place (or hairs for the women), Id be all for a permanent status making a character age backward (I've talked about it on the perks and quirks topic, but I'm sure the idea could happen somewhere in the game). But more than that, certain demon could have a fast growth, beginning as eggs or pups, and every 3 turns getting bigger, deadlier... and perhaps if you avoid them, they end up dying by themselves ? If you could have pets in your troops, they could suffer more from aging attacks, and grow old right on the battlefield. Oh, I think that a degeneration spell, making your characters become cavemen, perhaps go berserk, would be really cool !
  2. There's a metric ton of good ideas here. I haven't read them all, but I'd like to add (if nobody talked about such ideas) perks taking advantage of all the bloodline/epic timeline stuffs. Family Guy : boost moral of every member of his bloodline in the vicinity, becomes slower when left alone Don Juan/Doña Juana : enemy of the opposite sex will have less probability to hit (yes, even demons) Mama's Boy/Papa's Girl : only valuable when near an opposite sex parent. Autist : critical buff to intelligence when left alone, chance to go berserk when surrounded (by friends or foes) Let him grow up : better when far from any bloodline member Lots of swimers : twice the amount of childs The thinker : do double the damage after a turn doing nothing (any attack will break his thoughts) And a last idea, theme of Benjamin Button but for me it obviously comes from Dan Simmons Hyperion : Backward Aging : probably coming from a demonic teinted bloodline, the character is aging backward, beginning with full potential, and his level is goind down as long as he "gain" XP. You have to constantly reassign him his spells/abilities cause each time he's resting, he loses his memory. Needs a bloodline member around to not fall apart on the battlefield.
  3. I'd be all for having soldiers/entire bloodlines leave your kingdom and join forces with the enemy, because of demonic corruption or that you haven't pleased their needs.
  4. I don't know if we're going for 2D sprites or 3D assets (since they're using their Buddha Engine I'd say 3D, but not sure), but I'd be all for letting modders make different kind of terrain, or winter versions, etc, since it's something quite time consuming but not really relevent for the gameplay (let's say they create important terrain types, like one grassland, one mountain, one demonic, and let the modder expand and creat desertic or jungle flavored tiles, with possibility to customize the type of bonus/malus dependant on the biome/the tile specifics (tall grasses, slow sand, etc)). Then for the obvious, being able to tweak all the stats for all the characters would be great, but you'd perhaps have to split up mods that would only enhance your game, and mods that will change it's core mechanics.
  5. I really can't unread what you've just posted, will try not to take it for granted but... it will be hard :grrr:
  6. I personnally love having some more control over a character look to make it more ressemblant to a friend.
  7. What could be done in favor of encouraging the player to experiment and not penalizing him for his mistakes would be to try to get some "losing is fun" aspects. The relic idea is perfect for that, but you could have more, like seeing the demons invade your kingdom, having to battle with fewer unqualified troops, against demons and maybe possessed past heroes fallen on the battlefield ? Having the game make you loose really quickly, so that you don't go too far in a broken game. Perhaps having some big battle from time to time, defense of the kingdom, or any big scale goal, killing this mega-demon, retrieving that uber-demonic-thingy, that'll put all your army to the test (they would have to be labelled clearly, so that you wouldn't throw at it your fresh troops in order to level them up), and each would be the trial for all your strategy. I'm all for being harsh and making the player loose... but when this takes ages, and you juste see your best men die one after the other for numerous battle... the need to ragequit becomes stronger and stronger.
  8. I think even with generated maps, you can have some control on the outcome, so that you won't end up all the time with almost flat maps with random tiles more or less elevated... things like particuliar settings, lige a ravin with only one passage, a cliff, a mountain pass, hills, the side of a road, etc, should be doable with parameters and such. And then you could avec bigger chunks premades, houses, a cavern entry, a demonic pillar to destroy, etc. But given the budget... perhaps the team should focus more on different terrain types rather than make each tileset available on 4 seasons. And having an overlay system of sorts to simulate the time of day ? I don't know, but I'd prefere real variations rather than cosmetics ones (the seasons) that would be quite long to do.
  9. Amazing suggestions here ! I'm personnally all for missions where you'd have to carefully choose, do I kill all enemies and grind the more I can... or do I realize I'm underpowered and need to go straight for the target ? The balance and difficulty would have to be really tight to put the player in real dilemnas ! Some more idea, basically tending to other genres but that still could be done in the game : - survival horror missions, in the dark your character can only see like 3 tiles in front of them, perhaps less behind, and you have to find something - tower defense missions, one lone soldier (or 3 max), gone in a revenge mission, find themself in the middle of enemy ground, luckily they can activate some tower thingy to help them pass by and retrieve/kill the target - dungeon crawling, 3 to 5 maps connected to each other, with a boss to the end and a big reward All that would be pretty rare, just to change the pace of the game for one mission. And you could have random encounters on the road, before or after a mission, meaning that you'd have the possibility to just pass by, in order to keep your strength or save your already injured soldier. Perhaps passing by on the outward journey would mean more demons waiting for you to come back ? Then you could encounter scouts units, quick and weaks, and need to kill them before they warn there pals, meaning that the mission you were going for would be harder, or that you'd have an enemy party waiting for you to come back ? I'd just like to see interconnected missions.
  10. Mmmh I think that would not be that hard to pull, saving a maps modification, especially with tiles... but not sure if it would be that relevant. To relate to the last X-Com, they have a limited number of maps, on one playthrough you generally see only different ones, but restarting the game will give you similar playground, and even with different spawn point, when there is some, they feel in general the same (that's what I've felt though). So my proposition is more in favor of having ways to drastically change the feel of the map, you could have variation in the terrain look (forest, desert, ice cave) for a graphical change, different time of day and various weather or special conditions (effects of the corruption for example), as Jane suggested, that would change your approach of the same map, and a simulated erosion or destruction right before you set foot on the map to change a bit its layout. But I was thinking about it mainly for getting some variety, not for a new battle on old terrain.
  11. In favor of the premade maps, just wanted to add a thought : destructibility. If the terrain can be altered, like you can create modify the ground, make hole or bring up the terrain to your advantage, destroy parts of houses, etc (which would be reeeaaally great tactic-wise, I love having to adapt to a changing battlefield), maps could be thought as a clean untouched version, with whole houses, almost flat terrain, and when you enter it, given the events that could have occured on it (large platoon passing by, a battle, corruption), you'd have a certain level of destruction/changes applyed to it, so a house could be nearly unrecognizable, a cliff would still be a cliff, but perhaps a passage would only require to bring up the ground a little to climb it safely, etc. This could work for little premade chunks of map, houses and all, so the team would only have to create intact buildings and let the destruction engine do its thing.
  12. I'm just throwing my vote here : the middle ground of premade chunk of maps choose randomly totally gets my vote, and perhaps key all-premade maps for important places (perhaps a village you'd have to defend... then get to attack and see it all corrupted ?)... and all randomized maps for dungeon crawling like in Disgaea ?
  13. I'd really dig that kind of relation simulation in the game, I think it could really be good for more complexe interactions in the tactical field. Although, I don't think they should go too crazy on them. It's interesting to think about groups, but first it could be hard for the player to feel it, then you'd have to command big squads of people for a group of friend inside it to matter. And since the scope of the game, it seems that two characters shouldn't be together for like... around 10 battles maybe ? Relationship have to be quite simple and clear, I think, at least on their effects. The system behind it could have a lot of parameters, like zodiac signs, affinity between houses, affinity to men or women, personnality (and I don't agree with beermanbarman on that point, you have more affinities to people that are different from you, a brave character needs a more careful one to watch his back) and past actions (personnal or from ancesters). You should be able to look for all these parameters though, like having a recollection of past issues/missions done together, and perhaps having a simple system of pairing based on zodiac signs/personnalities. On the effects, I think you could have 4 levels of interactions, dislikes with a small malus on interactions (standing near each other would have a small defense malus, or one healing the other would have less effect), disregard, likes (small bonus), and married (big bonus on interaction and fighting together). But besides marriages, they don't have to be listed, characters giving verbal hints on the battlefield should be enough (like, once each 5 time you move them). You have already talked about that, but I needed to like, grasp it for myself, write my thoughts on all the system. Regarding love couple vs pairing toward powerful children, in response to mrstimpson38, you shouldn't see that as a situation where you'd miss necessarly something from the operation... but as a choice. Love could mean a big bonus on actual characters and more childrens, where carefully picked couple in regards to strengths/perks would have less but "chosen" children (less but fitter ?). To end on the subject, I think having a kind of love simulation for the character is important, that'd mean this much complexity in the interaction on the battlefield, but having it generated rather than scripted, with little hints here and there, would nurture players imagination, push those who cares to grant characters they like the right to marry who they wants just for RP sakes, and let player who wants to minmax things to do as they wish. Just a quick opinion on a close subject, I'd be all for gay coupling. Again it should just be a choice, if you're character is in love with a person of the same sex, do you go for a forced pairing or a gay couple, getting a big interaction bonus. Things as to be weighted, like do homosexuals would have children when forced to marry someone ? What adoption could mean ? Random base caracteristicts but a stronger link toward parents classes ? But since the game has a strong marriage element, this can't be undertaken. ... I can't stop myself from thinking, perhaps it's more and more off topics, but what you think about child/parents affinities ? I can't remember if both would be at the same time on the battlefield, but you could have strong affinities, except for this short period in everybodies life where child grows apart, and in the game it could mean for his second or third battle, a child would take a random classes out of the player's control, just, you know, to make a point, then become adult and serious ? Perhaps not every child but like, sometimes. ... that's a really random thought though... but it could be adding more random fun into the mix.
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