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  1. I voted for "too easy" because it was way way way to easy. Considering the few interaction points in the "rooms" most puzzles solved themselves basically. I didn't really have to think in this game, just working through the dialog trees and interactive points made the solutions really obvious. Which is also the biggest problem the game has: There is ZERO CHALLENGE involved in completing it. Thus really not giving you that nice rewarding feeling that you actually accomplished something. You experience a pretty good story, but you don't feel like you accomplished anything. Something that really should be the case when you complete a game.
  2. I cast my vote for "I feel that something was missing". Just finished it one 4 hour play session and well, its a good game, but not what I was hoping for. Shays part of the adventure more or less just annoyed me. The overprotective mother computer was bearable, but it really annoyed me having to play along with the wolf guys wishes. It was so obvious that he was up to no good that I really tried everything not to just do what he asked me to. Of course there is no other ways to complete the game... :-/ Vellas story I did enjoy a lot more. I'd says the puzzles were much to easy. I just breezed through the game with little to no thinking required. Granted it took me 4 hours to complete, but thats because I explored everything as thoroughly as possible. Looking at the steam page the classification as a "casual" game is fitting. The story is pretty good, but rather tame, no edges, just what a big publisher would like from a game. I had hoped Tim would use his new freedom but I guess you forget how to fly if you are used to a cage for so long. I have to commend the voice acting though. I found they did a really great job bringing the characters to live and helped selling the story a lot. Graphics wise I was mostly impressed with the look of the game, but I did encounter quite a few graphic glitches that I didn't expect in a release that was called "polished". Also some of the close ups of the backgrounds should have been redrawn and not just zoomed into the original digital painting. Granted, it works most of the times, but there were some really ugly close ups that spoiled the otherwise beautiful art. Overall I have to say I had a pretty good time with Act 1, but so far its no candidate to become a classic.
  3. Holy cow this is even bettern then I dared to hope for... Not only is the documentary turning out to be truely awesome but I also really like Tim's idea for the game. The only thing better would be a "Being John Malkovich"'esque tiny doory behind a filing cabinet leading right into Tim's brain
  4. I'm a little surprised no one has mentioned Heart of China and Rise of the Dragon yet! I was really loving these two back in the day, especially because they looked incredible, especially Heart of China with its hand painted backgrounds mixed with the "photorealistic" images of the actors. Heart of China dY-PXqOXE4k Rise of the Dragon TIue08JFz9k
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