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  1. Fourth class, anyone?

    Right now there's obviously just the 3 classes (Stalwart, Waracle, Beerzerker), and they all look amazing, but the fact that it's intended to be a 1-4 person co-op game suggests pretty strongly at least a fourth class. At least, I hope so; it'd be weird to have every full party contain at least one repeat by necessity. What would y'all like to see in a 4th class, should they add one? Going on the cool, slightly unorthodox classes (the Waracle in particular), I'd like to see a class that's a take on a grenadier (mid-range area-effect weaponry) with a focus on concussive attacks - I think it'd be a fun twist to have one party member draw the monster's attention, using mid-air concussions and glaring fireworks and such, so that the other party members can regroup, heal, plan their attack approach, etc. It'd still be a decent damage dealing class, like the others, but with that kind of alternative play it could be cool and different. (couldn't say what the Harryhausen style would be for the character, but I'm sure one could think of something). Anyway, that's my stab at it. Any ideas, people?