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  1. I will definitley postpone buying the game until text speed is fixed. I hope they are working on it. I mean it is crazy to even think that a 10 year old kid who is not a native speaker could read this fast.
  2. Your complaints are about the design of the game, not bugs so I personally have nothing to respond to. I have recorded your comments and again, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Although most of Grits ideas are pretty much unrealistic for a game that is already finished and out, but there is one issue he noted that players are having trouble repeatably no matter to which forum I go, and that is the automatic text speed. So I hope this can be looked at since the effect of the humor and writing is largely lost because players are racing through the text just so they could catch everything, and couple of times even that is not enough. LOL!
  3. I totally agree with everything that was said here. I hope they patch this game quickly. Saving and obnoxiously fast text bubbles should be their priority.
  4. EXACTLEY! I had this same feeling, but you put it rather nicely. I can't believe how sloppy job Schafer did regarding the pace of the story and exposition. In desire to make everything subtle, and put focus on battles, he ended up creating an experience based on abrupt scenes which have little flow to them. And characterization is rather weak. If it wasn’t for the humor (which even wasn’t the strongest point of the game) and world design, I would have never guessed this was a Tim Schafer’s game.
  5. Naturally, I love the game, but I still don't understand how come that the crew at Double Fine were ok with such side missions, which, to be honest, are really boring and repetitive. I just don't get it, I really thought that sooner would Tim stop making games, than to allow something so average and uninspiring into his game.
  6. Are you sure? O_o I can't believe it they would do that.
  7. I doubt Tim will be playing all the time, probably the whole DF team will jump in to play couple of matches with that accunt.
  8. $5 per hour of complete awesomness. I would take that any day compared to 0.5$ per hour of boring lamness of some standard JRPG.
  9. This was so funny it had to have a special topic. http://gamesblog.ugo.com/games/exclusive-brutal-legend-video
  10. Somene from neogaf posted a prettey basic translation of one review, so here is a direct copy-paste of his post: Yoshi256: "The only review I read was the one in the German "GEE" magazin. They don't rate the games with numbers or letters, so I think that is why they could release their review already this week. They liked the game a lot, only the boss battles with the Real Time Strategy elements can become a little frustrating (probably because they take quite long). After finishing the story you have only completed 60% of the game, as it is in most GTA Games."
  11. Ok, this topic derailed a bit. Basically, here is some proof for review embargo. On Bombcast they talked about it, and here, on this forum, someone as well mentions that he has the game for review, but can't say anything because of the embargo. So the question remains, why would they do that if they have fait in this game. Look how much hype Uncharted 2 created with early before release date reviews. And as for the DA review, here it is.
  12. I don't know what is the standard practice with other EA games regarding embargoing reviews (although there is already a review for Dragon Age), but when they hold of reviews till the date of publishing a game, doesn't it seem as if they are hiding the fact that the game is not as great as the hype that they are trying to create with the ads? I mean, otherwise good reviews would supplement the marketing campaign. Or is this just something common for all new IPs?
  13. Now we have nothing to talk about in this thread. Thank you for this information. Well people go spread the word.
  14. The sound issue is not connected to the specific spot of the demo, all the sound effects of hitting enemies with an axe, thunders, and all the other sound effects are of low quality. I have both versions, and I have played the same part on the PS3 and then on the xbox360. The difference is more than noticeable. There is no particularity or abnormality, just the fact that sound effects are played in lower quality. Its like listening to the same song in 92kbs version and 320kbs. It is worth mentioning, that music and voices are ok, only sound effects are problematic and of lower quality.
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