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  1. I think its simply because a lot of the units from glam rock looked like Ironheade.... still Lionwhyte was possibly the best character in the whole game!
  2. This game was awesome and I don't buy the fact that there was never any intention to make a sequel. Too many gaping unresolved story line holes are riddled throughout the game that could only have been put there if A) the designers were too lazy to address them or B) they would later be addressed at some point. Judging by the extremely high caliber of the game I would have to believe the latter. I would certainly like to see the following if a sequel was made: 1) More solo quests for Eddy, dungeon style ie. lair of the metal queen 2) Lars MUST return as an avenging spirit of some kind 3) Slightly less of the RTS battles 4) Of course, the resolution of all the questions regarding the plot 5) A tribute to metal drumming, almost every aspect was paid its respect except drumming 6) Obviously the return of the high caliber cameos 7) The multiplayer battles were nice, but perhaps some in game multiplayer would be great I'm sure there are many other suggestions that people could come up with. I know BL was slow to start up, but every single person I've recommended the game to has absolutely loved it. I heard that the game surpassed the 1 million sales mark which is a testament to its greatness!!! There is no excuse for not making BL2!!! If you agree please post! The Metal Militia must be heard!!!
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