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    My life is pretty much summed up by the movie "Snakes on a Plane". Flying high at first, snakes causing problems, overcame reptilian problems.
  1. Well, I tried pressing A and X. A seemed to lead me to a directory of short stories and odd random things, while X, after you've braved the adult content warning, takes you to some live journal of, and I quote, "erotic fiction". Hmmm. I'm not sure if there's anything more to find out about this website, but if there is, I doubt it's going to be about psychonauts itself.
  2. Hello all! Long time no contribute, but I was 'inspired' to after I found this on google after some random googling instead of revising. http://themilkmanconspiracy.net/ It is clearly referencing psychonauts, but I don't know what it's for, and it's tantalising confusing. I dunno if there has already been talk about this, but I'm just throwing it out there. What do you think?
  3. Last one I watched was Fifth element, which was on tv last night. Awesome movie, especially that Roody dude who presented the intergalactic radio show. Fantastic.
  4. Games: Men of War Any Bioware or Bethesda RPG Movies: Flash Gordon. Clearly.
  5. I second that expidition! We'll need tall ships, hardy men and spices to keep our food! We'll be away as soon as I find my sextant. Who here will crew on the voyage?
  6. Yahtzee-of-Zero-Punctuation, who has previuosly heaped praise on Psychonauts and Tim Schafer, has now turned his baleful gaze towards Brutal Legend. Here's the link: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/1044-Brutal-Legend And now that you've seen that, what do you think? Having not actually played the game, I'm not exactly in a perfect place to comment, but I get the feeling that he wasn't as negative as he could have been (see some of his other reviews for examples). It's clear that he didn't actually like the game very much, but that he did praise some aspects of the game (story, writing etc). Any opinions from anyone else?
  7. Beaten it twice, but spent ages just messing about the campsite. The campsite is probably the best bit of the game, in my opinion, sheerly (shearly? Dunno about spelling but ee doesn't look right) because of the awesome campers. Something focused entirely on the campers, like a prequel where dart goes to camp or a saturday moring cartoon (which I would clearly get up to watch no matter what time it comes on) would be great. (hmmm, lots of bracketed information and musings in this post...)
  8. I think Raz would probably win. Some sort of Psychic Trickery would disable Eddie, then it's just *pop*, into Eddie's mind for the finisher. That would be some wicked psychonauts DLC, levels based on Brutal Legend characters. We should have some of that. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase Tim?
  9. Maps for MP seems like a likely route for DF to go down DLC, since they're reasonably simple and easy to make. After all, this is their first real opportunity to do DLC (psychonauts would have been awkward to add to, seeing as how it is less open world and no MP). Of course new bits of the larger Open world map would be cool, maybe something like the shivering isles expansion packs to oblivion?
  10. Two days before Brutal Legend comes out (Uk release, not american/Austrailian), my previously trustworthy 360 decides that now is the time to RROD! Why??? Guess this means I'll just have to wait and send it to microsoft and hope to get it back soonish. No idea how long that will be though. Anyone have any experience of this sort of thing?
  11. Cool, new site designs! I like how everything is presented to you, like the comics and everything. Good Stuff!
  12. I think the ratio is something like 42-45% actually, but either way, welcome! Not entirely sure about the idea though, putting in the work for a 3d version of the game just for a Colletors Edition seems unlikely to me. Would be nice to have a pair of Raz's goggles though.
  13. Don't Fight Against Fuedalism Dining Fast Angers Formality Deftly Fleeing Avoids Fighting That's all I can think of at the moment.
  14. Updated firefox, and now I can twitter! Boyd has just had something to say. Huzzah!
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