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  1. didn't realize that was the case. would totally be interested in the original state as well.
  2. I'd back another Double Fine adventure game in a heartbeat. Easy or not, it has a great story, and it was $15 for not only (a presumed) 8 hours of gameplay, but also a great documentary that's several hours long. I would have felt I got my money's worth if I'd spent $30 on it. Yeah, I feel totally satisfied, and we're not even done yet. another 3 or so documentary episodes, and the 2nd half of the game are still coming with the promise of building difficulty. Rad. That being said, I think the idea of not letting certain dialogue tree options appear until there is an established puzzle motivation is a great suggestion. Otherwise Vella is just a kleptomaniac asking to take the mayor's hat. That is a perfect example of random item acquisition being a little too easy here and there. On the other hand, the piece of fruit being the answer to the riddle seems to be a totally different case. Personally, I didn't even get a chance to sit with the riddle, or go ask to hear it again for some critical thinking time about what was even being said, let alone the meaning of the riddle before Vella asked the Mayor for a hint that was super on the nose (something along the lines of "what's up with the riddle about the pit?") - it was super obvious to me at that point what the solution was because when I had her eat a piece of the fruit earlier, she noted how large the pit was. SO, to me this is an example of a puzzle with hints that were too obvious, but there are people in here saying that they got stuck for 30+ minutes on that -- so puzzle difficulty is clearly very subjective. Also, in this thread someone found it even easier just because they had the fruit in their inventory but never used it up til the point of the riddle. That's interesting because I had Vella eat one, offered another to numerous other characters, and gave one to the lumberjack for his smoothie in an early attempt to get his "art" off the wall. So even when I knew what I needed the fruit for, I had to go back and get a 3rd piece. The puzzle hint that was way over the top for me was the crochet needle. I just got it, I knew I was going to have to do something with it in the navigation chamber, but before I even got a chance to explore the possibilities I was basically told via, I think, Shay talking to himself the exact thing I was supposed to do. As a matter of comparison tho, I would way rather it be too easy than require me to use a strategy guide at every step. I loved the comedy of Sam & Max, but I hated how random many of the puzzles were. I would never in a million years have beaten that game without external support. I've frequently gotten stuck on games for hours and never come back to them. the story being told is a huge motivator for me, and experiencing this story was pure pleasure. Can't wait to see what's next given the wonderful cliffhanger / character switch at the end.
  3. Greg! Not the beta! It's entirely clear that the beta will be on steam. But when you are done "pushing frequent patches" (you don't want to do that for all eternity, do you? -- you need to work on Act II!), then this is a thing. That's what the conversation is about. Thanks, Greg, I think your acknowledgement will go a long way, and I actually assume you understand we're not talking about the beta based on your response, but I see how one might want more specificity in what has been, so far, a very confused discussion.
  4. I'm not in the latter of the three. I just see clearly, and sympathize with their position. More than that, I very quickly realized the damaging potential to DF this scenario could have depending on how it plays out. I love this project, and these people, and I want for their continued success. You bring up alot of good points, thank you for doing that, and I'm glad we can both agree there needs to be, at least, an official statement on the matter. I think those are all very good points from a unique perspective. They also reflect at least some portion of the concerns expressed by those opposed to steam on principle alone. This campaign has been up to this point discussed in many circles as a paradigm shift for game development and distribution. Bucking the system in a real way because Tim is a shining star of the Gaming world, and game history. Similar, I would say, to Louis C.K. disrupting the usual distribution channels of original comedy specials by selling them directly and DRM free, or with Radiohead's album a couple years back being released as a digital pay what you want. Radical movements toward change. That spirit is lost at least partially with even a temporary steam exclusive sale to the public on launch. Cool, I'm a bully for telling people the truth. Nope. You’re a bully because you use mean spirited shame tactics to try to embarrass and silence people with different, and unpopular points of view. I agree with this completely. bul·ly 1 (bl) n. pl. bul·lies 1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people. Didn't know the proper channels. I've seen DF staff comment in any thread I've ever looked at, so I figured this one would get the same attention. Thanks for the condescending suggestion. After noticing Greg's comment in the GOG thread I did PM him about 4 pages ago (approx. one earth day), apologizing for the distraction, then suggesting he take a peek over here - but still no word back.
  5. If it technically is....then it is. Being technically right is not better than doing the right thing. Splitting the game up into two partial releases is a game changer, and recontextualizes the intent of the wording. No one would have considered this scenario, including DF when those words were written. So, if they choose to stand by that very technical and highly dubious defense of intent, they will lose respect in many people's eyes. That would be little better than SHODANFreeman coming in here to insult the vocal minority like the bully he is. I guess we have to wait and see. I'm hopeful that they are just not sure how to address this yet, and are waiting until they figure out the best way to manage this crisis / what they can realistically do to fix it. And it IS a crisis. Right now this is an internal debate, but if it ends up becoming a public debate there will no doubt be journalists and mainstream industry insiders looking for weakness in this release to prey upon. like, "oh, see, don't go outside the proper channels, otherwise you'll get duped," "don't trust those double fine guys with your money, they're just looking to trick you using technically incomplete language that doesn't take into account the myriad ways they can pull a fast one on you down the line" "etc" Yeah, they didn't promise NOT to sell the game to the public before providing the backers with their various download promises, but one would assume that was implicit. Our bad for not expecting shady business from Double Fine? Sure. Our bad. That is a completely different issue altogether. Requesting that they don't keep the DRM-only release for Act I for reasons entirely different than what they have said in the past is totally acceptable It is not "entirely" different. There are the words that were said, and then there is the context of the situation they were originally presented within which has changed. The reasons are technically different at best. Hahaha, it's funny to say that wouldn't be fair to those who already are getting preferential treatment as the majority. Shades of privilege. If everyone is bound to lose in some way we should all be losing in the same way at the same time. That would be the fair thing. and here I agree. I don't know that everyone will end up feeling that way tho. At least a few people within this thread have popped in just to declare they are thru with DF based on this, what they see as a breach of trust. Hence my concern, and why I brought it up. I didn't have a moral standpoint on Steam prior to this discussion.
  6. Congratulations. You don't seem to grasp the heart of the matter. Might I direct you to reading at least page 4 of the thread?
  7. I'm going even further. I'm saying this was so obviously just an accidental mislabel that you shouldn't have picked it up as a point of argument in the first place. I was making a joke about it. No. Act I is not the finished game. You're grasping at straws and twisting his words around to mean something different. Let's be honest here. Strongly disagreed on the twisting. As much as it struck me that Shodan used the very same adjectives to describe the full game which Tim used when he described episode 1, Tim meant what Tim meant. One half is not the finished game, yet still Tim was using both the words polished AND finished. I believe he used those words in July to (desperately?) communicate that what he intends to release when Act I goes live is already something whole, somehow complete, an accomplishment, something that can be savored on its own and stands on its own. This, incidentally, is what is also presently communicated very explicitly by Double Fine literally everywhere in an attempt to instigate Steam sales. Disagreement? Thoughts on the relevance? Because I think it's quite relevant to judge less the letter of Kickstarter tiers and more the morality of a temporarily Steam exclusive release. Well said. Strongly agree with your further clarification.
  8. yes. please. everyone, read at least page 1 or, my personal favorite, page 4 before "helping". Page 4 highlights include an apology from someone who originally, like yourself, thought this was a stupid discussion, as well as Babaganoosh13 providing us with at least one real world situation that isn’t based on loving or hating steam as a matter of principle. Go read, we'll wait. and @wagner17 - that may in fact help to remedy one person's issue here, but it's been illustrated that there are a variety of issues that stem from the steam exclusivity plan. again. No one is talking about the beta period (which ends the moment the game goes on sale to the public)
  9. you're right enigma, the discussion at least has hashed out what needs to be addressed more specifically. perhaps a new thread about "DF backer promises / I don't have steam and this is an issue because..." tho I think those things were things I highlighted pretty specifically in the opening post, the title doesn't reflect those concerns necessarily. Maybe that's why not one admin gives any damns about this thread. Well regardless of you not saying the word beta, every time you talk about "right now", or "as it is", you're talking about the beta period which is not being contested. Incidentally you did it again in your defense of how you weren't talking about the beta. More than once. See the last line of what you wrote if you don't remember. And I use caps and bold as reading aids for everyone who decides to skim the thread and post like they know what they're responding to.....not gonna name names here This. no doubt. but it's a nightmare of their own creation. why should any segment of the backers be the ones to shoulder the burden unwillingly? Many have already expressed that they would not have backed at all if there was a hint of even temporary Steam exclusivity once the game went on sale. this is a bait and switch, even if it wasn't intended as such. Well, technically Act one is considered a beta for now, but once it's on sale to the public in the marketplace (not the steam early access realm of the unfinished) Act one will be considered finished. By their own admission, this is why they have chosen to release it in this new manner with Act 2 to follow as a free update to the game purchase. They are not selling the public a beta. Greg knows. So does Remo. They've both said that's not the plan in no uncertain terms. I'm trying to help them see why that is not a good political strategy given that it seems to ghetto-ize the anti-drm / anti-steam backers who didn't sign up for this new plan DF has devised. I'm only doing this because you're right, and they do change plans, and respond to feedback like awesome people should. ALSO - Thank you Babaganoosh13 for providing us with at least one real world situation that isn't based on loving or hating steam as a matter of principle. He is not alone. Guaranteed.
  10. no. we are talking like people who have read all the available information provided, and don't understand how the GAME (not beta) could be on sale to the public before DF makes good on backer promises of availability. that's the most recent official word from the GOG thread. The only comment on the fate of Act 1 (GAME for sale to public, NOT backer exclusive beta) is that it is not as yet planned to be released DRM free to backers outside of steam until act 2 is done. Here there be problems. Get it?
  11. FOR NOW??? REALLY??? READ THE THREAD! (or ya know, at least my last post which is quite thorough and only about 3 posts above yours.) NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE BETA ps- I play PC games without steam, so your lack of imagination isn't an issue. When PC without steam is not an option, consoles usually are so I'm covered. and yeah, we're totally pissed that we can't upload the torrent to pirate's bay. you really hit it on the nose Sherlock. Thanks man, takes a bigger person than the internet can usually provide to admit fault. and I agree, they don't owe us anything necessarily, but I fear for the future of the company if they slight a segment of the backers like that. I'm a DF supporter for life, based soley on content, but I know everyone is not like me. I want good things for everyone, DF and backers alike.
  12. DUDE. It's not a "right now" concern. NO ONE HERE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE BETA. Vainamoinen already pointed you to an article that illustrates your wrongness. I also spoke specifically about that in THE VERY FIRST POSTING IN THIS THREAD: "exclusive access to the beta on steam” is what the reward tier text says. it is the access to beta that is "exclusive" to backers, so we can’t consider Act 1 a beta once it’s released to general sale. ONCE MORE FOR CLARITY: The beta just started, and ends when it goes on sale to the general public. So yeah, if I can’t beta, that’s fine, but come public launch day, Act 1 should be available DRM free outstide of steam by the promise of backer tier text, because they are selling a game to the public that I was promised DRM free for my financial support. I was not promised a delayed distribution model wherein steam users get preferential treatment outside of the beta period, a period of time WHICH NO ONE IS CONTESTING WHATSOEVER. We are in undiscussed territory, OBVIOUSLY, as at the time of the KS campaign episodic release was not on the table. So yes, no contractual obligation exists, but it creates a rift between the haves and the have nots given that those without reliable steam access can't continue to watch the subsequent episodes of the 2pp documentary spoiler free. How does this not make sense to you??? Thanks buddy, you clearly understand our concerns in addition to the meaning of english words and phrases. And I'm not heated, just flabbergasted at how many times the same words have been reiterated and yet still not absorbed. enigma, ChristianSt, and Vainamoinen - I wish I could've been here with you sooner to fight the good fight against lacking skills of reading comprehension --- all valiant efforts. as for DRM / Steam's impact on the industry, everyone has an opinion, but NONE of them are relevant to this discussion. This is about DF keeping promises they made, and the spirit / future of the company in the eyes of those who might feel like promises were not kept appropriately. I'm honestly shocked that no official DF representative has popped in to clarify why a DRM free download of Act 1 would be impossible on or near public launch day.
  13. Yeah. Act 1 ceases to be beta when it goes on sale to the public. DRM free was promised then, not X months later. To be clear, I am not flaming, that's just the truth that may get feathers ruffled.
  14. Hey guys, I'm re-posting this excerpt of exchanges from the Kickstarter comments here because I want to help DF avoid a potential poop storm (i don't know if I'm allowed to use pg 13 words here) as there seems to be alot of rage happening there, and I'm not sure how closely that is monitored. oh, and fyi, I am Joe Annabi. K - hope that helps direct attention to putting out fires. sorry if too many words to care, but I'm a wordy dude who values context.
  15. i JUST beat S&S version for electric computers earlier this week. hands down one of my favorite gaming experiences in recent memory. hilarious, gorgeous visuals and music, and so much heart. I just wish it never ended. i want to live in that world for way longer. THANK YOU! and personally, the language was PERFECT for the tastes of me and my friends (all of which are almost as jazzed as I am). can't wait for whatever comes next for all involved.
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