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  1. No FLAC download option? I am considering buying it from they but I'd prefer FLAC over MP3.
  2. I downloaded the FLAC version shortly after the release of BA: Part 2, and it had both the old and new files listed above. I noticed that some of the tracks had new lengths and what not, but accidentally deleted it before I could listen and compare. I just downloaded the FLAC version again today, and I see the duplicates have been removed, so I wanted to ask what the differences were? And was there really only 7 new tracks for part 2? I was expecting more than that I guess. BTW the new FLAC version dated the 2015/4/30 is missing any art.
  3. I am well impressed by the work you guys are doing! I just had a quick blast with the offline level and it was a fun blast. Keep up the great work!
  4. Thanks for these playthrough videos, at the moment my gaming rig is apparently too old to play the prototypes. It is a 2009 13" MacBook Pro, with a 2.53GHz C2D but only a weedy 256MB Nvidia 9400M. So I get between 3-4 FPS on Steed, about 8-9 on Mnemonic, 1-4 on Little Pink Buds (5-8 on Low detail version).
  5. My vote goes to Mnemonic, it has the most promise for me and I love the noire feel to the world. I agree with an earlier comment that Dear Leader would make an awesome Tablet game, but it isn't the sort of thing I'd play on my computer.
  6. I'm somewhat puzzled by your statement, as myself and many other backers (in theory all) already have part 1 on our Steam accounts before the General Public got their hands on it. A far cry from "non".
  7. Just read this about this over at Eurogamer, sorry to see Chris go but I wish him all the best for his new role. Plus thumbs up if this means we get more music from Chris, I loved what he did for AF2012 and Going Home. Btw, Jane left too? I missed that.
  8. Just finished the pitch video from Tim for the amnesia fortnight (all the games sound interesting) and right at the very end the sandwich says something, but despite 5 listens I'm still not sure what the heck it's saying. I think it's "give me the money". Anyone make it out clearly?
  9. VGX might have been okay, if they had just dropped Joel Mchale. He was awful, and his jokes were horribly unfunny. Once BA segment was over I gave up, I couldn't stand listening to him. The format was otherwise okay.
  10. I'm happy he is involved, it has turned out to be quite the cast and I look forward to seeing & hearing BA soon enough. I am very curious though what the final cost for the voice artists was, its hard to imagine that Elijah Wood, Jack Black and Will Wheaton come cheaply even if they are doing it for the love of DF/TS/adventure games. VGx was awful ... well more accurately the supposedly "funny" co-host (whoever he was) was dreadful and horribly unfunny. I switched off after Tim was finished.
  11. Cloud saves would be great so I can play on my Mac and iPad
  12. Unfortunately it seems people are a little tapped out after all the big games, there are a number of projects that have been struggling that really shouldn't be. Plus, unfortunately, many of the projects that are in £'s are struggling because (some/many) American's seem to be unwilling to back in foreign currencies. To the point where people are cancelling KS projects, getting a US bank account and trying again.
  13. Costume Quest OST? I just downloaded that of my Humble Bundle page yesterday. (It was listed on my main HB page, not sure it was on this DF HB page will look in a moment) I certainly don't remember it being part of a previous bundle. [edit] ninja'd by a post I didn't see as it was on page 2.
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