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  1. I put your solution into the original post. Good job SmashManiac!
  2. No, both offsets should be 0. But there is something else to do in the glyph room as well: You need to copy the plain English characters over the glyphs in the room. This is not a puzzle, you just have to interact with the glyphs.
  3. The warden recognises the name "Alice". He can see your name when he looks at you. You need to use Ida and the Lamp.
  4. Alright, added those, except for entryWorld which I already had. What we really need to figure out is how to get the item type of an inventory slot so we can set it to the magic loupe or the bombs.
  5. Added those. Yeah, the artifact variables don't seem to do anything when edited with Halcyon. Forcing the activePath seems like it could be useful for hacking your inventory in those cases where you can't select a specific item.
  6. What gets me is that literalString is apparently a more specific search than ["literalString"]. It also seems to choke up whenever searching for a number. So ["inventory"] returns many results, and ["inventory"][]["state"] returns many results, ["inventory"][X]["state"] returns none. I suspect the fact that there are many results for ["Alice"]["maxHealth"] either means that it's disregarding anything in the quotes or there are several Alice objects. Perhaps something to do with the save states? edit: The former. I searched for something along the lines of ["aduifhaspdjufhoiugasgdf"] and it apparently returned many results, so I've been barking up the wrong tree the whole time. edit2: [asdkfjhkajfhgbkjhabfg] also returns many results, so anything between the square brackets in the search is generic? edit3: Searching simply for the literal "maxHealth" (with quotes) returns no results, which feels like progress. Searching for inventory[ ] also returns no results, so the square quotes are only generic when they encapsulate the whole search string? I'm just getting more confused
  7. Added those to the list. Interestingly, while typing maxHealth will return ["maxHealth"], typing ["maxHealth"] or even ["Alice"]["maxHealth"] apparently returns too many results. There is clearly more going on with this search than first appears.
  8. There are five switches to the left of the platform with the glyphs on it in the room I described. Play around with them while wearing the hat, and be observant.
  9. I told you. Forget about Ida's pyramid and the lamp completely. You don't have it. Ignore it. There is a completely separate puzzle you must solve before using it. Go to the armoury room where you got your sword back. Now go into the room to the far left with your sword and your magic hat. Ignore everything else in your inventory, you don't need them. Don't walk out until you're sure you've solved the room, at which point all the garbled text should be readable (as should the glyphs you see when using the magic hat). edit: You don't have to do any frequency analysis, and you don't have to guess anything.
  10. Eagle0600


    Nice game, feels really great.
  11. Use Ida/Halcyon to set maxHealth and curHealth to any stupidly big number you want (I'm a fan of 999999). Much less annoying than sitting through the fairy queen dialogue. While you're at it, wish for more wishes. edit: Oh, you already figured that out.
  12. This thread is about the Ida/Halcyon combo. I have a few observations, and also a few questions. First off, wishing for extra wishes works just beautifully. I'm not sure what the actual name of the truth in question is, but it can be found by searching for "wishes". 999999 should be just about enough. maxHealth and curHealth are the next ones up to 999999. You need to leave the room to see the change. I found my inventory variable, but here's where I ran into a bit of a problem. I set it to some random value and enter the next room, but at that point it crashes: The reason is that it's looking for a table value, but I've replaced it with a string. I've tried changing it to "[]" and "{}" (and "\[\]" and "\{\}"), but it's still a string, not a table. Any idea how to make it a table? The ultimate goal of this is to go back in time and get the loupe and bomb early. Solved! edit: A full list of variables I've found: ["currentTab"] ["entryArea"] ["entryWorld"] [“entryDirection”] [“entryLengthRatio”] ["maxHealth"] ["curHealth"] ["name"] ["bondedSprite"] ["inventory"] [“inventory”][X][“state”][“numWishes”] - number of wishes for the lamp item, X appears to be variable (probably the item index in your inventory) [“inventory”][X][“state”][“activePath”] - (magic lamp) [“inventory”][X][“state”][“exposed”] - (boomerang) [“inventory”][X][“state”][“searchSucceeded”] - (Ida?) [“inventory”][X][“state”][“replaceSucceeded”] - (Halcyon?) ["inventory"][X]["path"] - Set this to the resource path for the item you want in your inventory slot. ["queenSpriteGaveHearts"] ["TIME_DISTORTION"] ["INFO_OPACITY"] ["discoveredValues"] [“entryRoomPath”] [“hoodless”] [“artifacts”] [“trapped”] [“glyphsDecoded”] [“escapedDungeon”] [“discussedAlgorithms”] [“beganCodePuzzles”] [“equipped”][“primary”] [“equipped”][“secondary”] [“statementScenes”]
  13. There is a puzzle in a completely different room, somewhat earlier in the dungeon (but still after the fireball room), which you will need the wizard hat and a bit of observation to solve. Until you do so, forget about the pyramid thing entirely. You should know when you've solved it.
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