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  1. I must say, I am quite fond of Sam Fisher's tight little catsuit. Though I am not sure he wears it in this game.
  2. Thank you. Cant say my presence will be overt, but I will try to assign some activity when I can.
  3. Mine is awesome because it is Mitzi May. But it may become Colbert with a little bow in the hair.
  4. There was also a Meowsollini (I and II), Figaro, Tabasco, and Tequila.
  5. Most notable is the discovery that my cat is a harlot and has given us two broods of kittens and awaiting another. Strumpet I say.
  6. It's been stressful. And not even dramatic. It's been stressful but I cant even lay claim to any good stories.
  7. Hotel Dusk Beyond Good and Evil Replaying Okami but then the disk chipped.
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