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  1. I must say, I am quite fond of Sam Fisher's tight little catsuit. Though I am not sure he wears it in this game.
  2. Thank you. Cant say my presence will be overt, but I will try to assign some activity when I can.
  3. Mine is awesome because it is Mitzi May. But it may become Colbert with a little bow in the hair.
  4. There was also a Meowsollini (I and II), Figaro, Tabasco, and Tequila.
  5. Most notable is the discovery that my cat is a harlot and has given us two broods of kittens and awaiting another. Strumpet I say.
  6. It's been stressful. And not even dramatic. It's been stressful but I cant even lay claim to any good stories.
  7. Hotel Dusk Beyond Good and Evil Replaying Okami but then the disk chipped.
  8. The internet does not lie. Because da intarnets is serious business *nods*
  9. I feel like I've missed out a lot. But I've been busy with shtuff. Suffice to say, I miss ya lots.
  10. ACTION SHARK! Really. How great would it be to fight an ACTION ______!?
  11. - learn Portuguese - improve my Spanish - work on being even wittier and charming than I currently am - learn to style my hair - get a job There's more I can't remember.
  12. It actually sold very well in Japan (somewhere around 660,000 copies). It sold less in the US (somewhere around 100,000 units), but in all it did quite well. However, it means there are less English speaking fans to chat up.
  13. I have been pining for Dr. McNinja shirts for some time, but it seems the better part of my family have yet to discover the net. Still, some of the stuff was nice.
  14. What gets me down about the writers strike is the lack of new Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I have ceased keeping up with the political processes.
  15. I know it sold really well, but I haven't seen much Okami love. You play as the creation goddess, Amaterasu, trapped in the form of a wolf. You traverse across a sumi-e style Nippon, ridding it of evil by literally drawing onto the environment. It's fun the same way Pnauts was fun, with much of the satisfaction stemming from exploring the world.
  16. That whole red rings of doom are the only things that keep me wavering. I'm real sorry to hear about your misfortune, Ross. I suppose I should hold out ...
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