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  1. Ah, oh well then. I saw the immediate family tree and thought that that data could be connected to other trees. Maybe in an update?
  2. How awesome would it be to see a 300 year family tree once you finish the game? I see that you can see family trees in the info tab so I guess the data is all there. It would ideally show you those who were in your vanguard, those who died in battle, those who became sagewrights. It would be even cooler if you could trace relics and traits along family lines. My current 300 year family tree would have a lot of incest. I have two main families across all 5 of my keeps. But it would be really cool to see it if you had heaps of different families.
  3. I think a lot of people here find it mildly frustrating how many clicks it takes to do some things. Especially when you want to upgrade a piece of equipment for all your regents and partners. I had two thoughts that may help that: More keyboard short-cuts! maybe not short-cuts but a way for you to navigate the UI with some space-bars and tabs or something so you reduce the time it takes to move the cursor around the screen. I'm not a UI developer but I feel it needs some work, maybe being able to navigate the options using the arrow keys? or shortcuts to navigate Skills, Equipment and Info? and maybe a way to navigate into those directly via the name banners so you reduce a click. My other idea was hereditary equipment loadouts. The offspring inherit the equipment loadout of the regent and/or partner of the keep. It would make it much easier to juggle equipment because you wont have to anymore! Thanks for hearing me out! I'm loving the game, dropped whatever AAA title I was playing and didn't even realise I've poured 35 hours in already. I've never spent a similar amount of time in a single game other than Mass Effect (I think that was about 60)
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