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  1. A small riverside cottage in a very isolated and rural area (Think a national park), with a populations of wild animals nearby that can speak, like a bear family, a clan of snakes in a nearby small cave, and a large tribe of deer that are very territorial towards the player (just a few examples). The player is the only human, if they are human at all. An ancient native american city like Cahokia, or any kind of pre-colonization american city. An enormous airport terminal. The mind of a very sickly person, who is bedridden. Various areas of the game are based on objects in the room of the person, who observes and internalizes these objects into their crazed fever dream. Oklahoma in the Dust Bowl. An archipelago populated by amphibious people who have just discovered metalworking, with a heavy animist religious tradition. A land where social standing and worth is determined by points, which are awarded for doing jobs and tasks, but have a bit of a game spin on them, such as getting multipliers or losing them for doing very boneheaded things. If one gathers enough points, then one can get extra lives, making people effectively immortal as long as there is a constant intake of points.
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