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  1. Halloween's approaching... Some friends and I are thinking about dressing up in CQ outfits. Ideally the combat sequence kind, but we can settle for the children cardboard cut-outs too. Are there any places that sell CQ outfits (if not, DF, why are you not on this for your store?! ) or have useful instruction on how to make your own (DIY style)? I'm not much of a DIY person, so the less craftsmanship, the better. I've done some searching, but frustratingly mr. google doesn't appear to like the fact I mean "costume" and "outfit" in two different ways: one being real life, the other in-game, so I've not had much luck. Advice much appreciated!
  2. Request for my daughter

    I knew this was unlikely, but I was really hoping for co-op. I recall playing portal 1 with friends , then portal 2 came with co-op, blew my mind. I played CQ1 also with friends, was hoping CQ2 would have some kind of co-op. How great would that be? To be seen in CQ3?
  3. Prepurchase CQ2 DLC clarification

    Agreed, the wording on steam is misleading. I've now pre-ordered the game as I really want the CQ1 outfits (and I look forward to CQ2 as well ), but I already have CQ1. So I assume the information on the site here: is correct, otherwise I will be dissappointed.
  4. Thanks for the post, love the visual art style! While I understand this was not done using the game engine, here are a couple of ideas for things to add once it is up and running: - breathing/idle animation (e.g."Jack Lumber"'s torso is very static) - insects/animals in the forest, basically ensure things are going on in the environment (butterflies, flies: see e.g. Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery) Look forward to seeing more.