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  1. This is a place. Put wonderful things here. I'll start!
  2. Man if my fellow true believers at The Flat Earth Society find out I leaked this very sensitive **Esoteric Knowledge** they would banish me past the ice wall! Good thing nobody here knows my TRUE identity!!! How to meet the moonshramp (mods sticky please) « on: June 05, 2011, 06:11:40 AM » ive seen a couple of posts and i have gotten some private messages about how to meet moonshramp. since im the only guy here whos seen one (as far as i know) i have created this informative thred on how to meet one. first off you got to know this: they are highly intelligent pan dimentional entities that to the simple brainwashed masses would appear to be hostile and prone to biting innocent childeren. Just dont piss them off by doing these obvious faux pas: 1) telling them they look like earth shrimp (definatly will bite you for that seriously why would you do that) 2) laughing at their obsession for moonrocks (how would you feel if they laughed about your obsession for food?) 3) saying their eyes are not able to see the things we cant see (they can see 2 extra moon phases dont be a hater) now if you follow those three things im pretty sure they wont bite you. now you just need to meet one and here is how: 1) find a moon rocks: this is a lot easier then it sounds because during a few days in the middle of spring and winter the moon goes thru a phase 5 and 6 moon oscillation that causes the moon to fling rocks everywhere giving a higher chance of rocks hitting earth somehwere near you. i think they have moon rock detectors on ebay and kajijji 2) cook the moon rock: now i know that they are hot from entering the earths atmosphere and shramps really really like cooked rocks but the ones u find will probably be cold. just heat it in an oven at 420 degrees ferenhight for about an hour and put it on the roof of your house Report to moderator Logged equaltriangle Offline Posts: 21 Re: How to meet the moonshramp (mods sticky please) « Reply #1 on: June 05, 2011, 06:12:58 AM » if you do that then you jusdt need to wait. if you do it at night you will see their shells in the dark easier cause they reflect light better. the combination of the smell of cooked rock, the visual cues of a moon rock to an earth shramp and the fact that you put it on your roof which is probably pretty high up will cause them to find it quicker. when you see the orb decending to your house you just need to climb up to the roof of your place before they leave (you cant be on the roof with the rock since the shramps are shy to newbies). Just remember to get a list to ask all your questions and stuff.
  3. Hmmf it seems you need to be granted True Believer status on The Flat Earth Society to get the TRUE low down on the moonshramp, else I would link it.
  4. Good god look at the size of this fucker. Achem.. I agree with everything jtir123 said. Additionally: *Land of the Moonshramp *George Lucas' Baby Farm *Tim Schafer's spleen *Constantinople, a la The Residents
  5. Wow, that looks great. (really) So many things!
  6. Devide the screen up into little boxes and then link them together in reverse binary sort and thn have have the mouse actually clikck on the double mirrored point grom the center put though a lorentz transform oh yeah and have it blink alot and dissapear for 3 minutes at random oh and also if it crosses the wrong pixel the game freezes and currupts your hard drive and maybe make your computer explode is that possible??
  7. The only multiple ending I want is if you can accidentally trigger the corgi apocalypse.
  8. NO NOW NONOW NOONOWWO NOWOWAWO NOWOWAWOAWAO NONOWOWAWOAWOWOAWAWO and by that of course I mean do what 'publisher' tells you to do.
  9. Never mind his books look amazing.
  10. Lord Bridge and Voldemog http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1570502/Lord-Bridge-of-Harwich.html http://www.yeepet.com/blogs/Dark-Lord-Cat-Finds-Nice-New-Home-2561
  11. Escape from Blood Castle Or really any Usborne Puzzle Adventure.. But especially Escape from Blood Castle... [edit] You basically didn't have a childhood unless you read at least one Usborne Puzzle Adventure. [edit][edit] http://sumthinblue.com/usborne-puzzle-adventures/#more-3307 for those that don't know. Basically its the best thing ever forever times infinity squared to the fourth power of infinity times infinity times infinity squared.
  12. Super Milk Chan. Or Barbie and the Rockers. Or Captain Planet. Or classic Luny Tunes. Or Gargoyles. Or Dark Wing Duck. Or Pinky and the Brain. Or Doug. Wait no not Doug.. Disney Doug thats what I meant. Or Rocko's Modern Life. OK forget everything I just said.. the best cartoon is obviously Wacky Deli. Period.
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