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  1. Localization Bugs: French

    Hi, When asking Curtis what he can do "Three more wishes" is translated to "Plus que 3 voeux" which translates as "More than 3 wishes" and could be misunderstood in french for "Only 3 wishes left" I think "Trois voeux de plus" would be better.
  2. Hi, Problem: This is really minor but I noticed that after two head shrinks, Shay's hand don't reach his head in the head scratching animation during some dialogs. How to reproduce Go through two different teleporters Go see Marek Ask about the loading arms Enjoy Shay saluting Marek when he should be scratching his head
  3. Localization Bugs

    Hi, [French] [shay, Spaceship, When using the air tank on the characters stuck in icecream avalanche] There is no subtitle line for "We're stuck in icecream, we're not drowning" it should be something like "Nous sommes bloqués dans une glace pas en train de nous noyer"