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    hi i just made this profile to post on Iron Brigade
  1. We now have Backwards Compatibility.

    Yea hopefully they fix this soon and a official update hopefully dlc.. ahhh can only hope
  2. Xbox one

    Will do... my gamer tag is murroak
  3. Xbox one backward compatible?

    #Diamond in the rough. Come on Devs I never got as much fun out of 60 dollar games compared to this. Maybe a Definitive edition boom new game on the marketplace. i see the cheapest games doing it now.
  4. Xbox one backward compatible?

    Yea I'm just low balling it because in the pass it seemed like all hope was lost for this game. With the right promotion a sequel would be a hit. The marketplace is ripe for a good game.
  5. Xbox one backward compatible?

    Will this be one of the games they make available and if so will there be a update? Please devs let's bring this gem back to life. This is your money maker!!
  6. Easter eggs out the yin yang .. exploration kinda free roam more deeper,Alot of sides quest. Some form of loot would be great, collector bonus costumes to pay homage to older kick a** movies ^-^. Randomized dungeons to boost reply ability. Deeper skill tree that affects character in and out of combat
  7. Costumes you want to see

    Ghost busters, never ending story, labyrinth, legend, or other great movies from the eights and nineties. Your pick on the character
  8. Time to capitalize

    The xbox one marketplace is pretty much dead but this would be the perfect time to port this game to xbox one with new maps and survival levels. I'm still holding on to hope for a second or just a upgraded version. Your thoughts. ..
  9. Request for forum features

    please make this forum support tapatalk
  10. I would donate for this to me this game is one of the greatest of all time
  11. Its about time, hopefully a bonus update This game has been waiting for this
  12. When Will Iron Brigade Two Be Announced?

    Hope still lingers....
  13. Free for xbox a monthly deal

    I still want this to happen put the game up free for a monthly deal. After that people would have no other choice but to buy the godly dlc. win win!!
  14. Iron Brigade Xbox ONE remake?

    Double fine doesn't make sequels
  15. I'm kinda a big thing around these parts