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  1. Yes, absolutely. Especially since the title is no longer relevant, as now the final battle is significantly less broken . I've already ran through it again, complete to the newly tuned final encounter and it feels 1000% better now. Keep being rad, Brad!
  2. Well that certainly explains a lot. Can't wait to give the final battle another try once the fix is in!
  3. Yeah, I assumed you guys were already on the case. I'm sure it'll get put into a nice spot sooner or later I definitely got more than 4 waves of spawning enemies, so maybe the end failed to activate after the 4th and just continued spawning enemies forever. I think it was 6 or 7 waves until I wiped completely, so maybe there's a bug that's causing it to not turn over after 4. Again, I absolutely love the game. Can't wait to start a new playthrough with all new bloodlines. The Scotts have had their time in the spotlight, they should rest.
  4. I just had my first attempt at the final battle. If you haven't gotten that far and don't want to be spoiled on what it is, you probably shouldn't read this thread. Cool? Cool. It feels awful and this is why I think so, and how I think it could be tweaked. The set up (defending the Chalice as waves of Cadence appear to take you down) is a great concept. It's thematic and consistent with the narrative and that's all awesome. Summoning in new waves of Cadence after the previous has been cleared is fine: it's a final battle and you need to get the Cadence close to wipe them out. It's a big deal, after all. Meant to be a real test of your abilities. When your heroes die and their ancestors take their place on the battlefield? GREAT! Super cool concept, and it's a nice feeling seeing the heroes of the past come back to kick ass one last time. Or, it does at first. That leads me to my first major issue: the ancestors arrive on the battlefield at the level they were when they died. Makes sense, right? Well, when fighting against advanced forms of all of the enemy types, your mighty heroes of the past will do barely any damage and get killed almost instantly after the first few resurrections. I've had a hero die, resurrect, die, resurrect, and die again all in ONE Cadence Phase. Because they get surrounded, because the Cadence never stop spawning in after a certain point (it seems). It makes my memories of my badass heroes feel false, since they were now being so easily dealt with. It's a final battle, and it's meant to be a challenge, but I spent over 45 minutes playing where the last 20 of those minutes I knew was going to be pointless, because my old heroes simply weren't high enough of a level to deal with the insane stream of Cadence. That brings me to my other massive concern: there is no feedback on how close you are to the end of the battle. Do I have to survive a certain amount of turns? Do I need to clear a certain number of waves? Is there a button I have to reach? I have no clue and I felt so frustrated and helpless during the final mission because I had no indicator of how close I was to actually clearing it. Maybe my game just bugged out and the end didn't trigger? I have no idea, and that doesn't feel very good. I absolutely love Massive Chalice, and the whole point of the backer beta is to try to make it the best game it can be before full launch. I really, really think something needs to be tweaked in the final battle. Maybe your ancestor heroes come in at the level of the hero they replace? Maybe the Chalice can give some indicator of how close you are to the end, either by having the voices call out "keep fighting, we're almost there!" or something, or some visual indicator (maybe it glows?). Just ANYTHING to let the player know they are making progress in this massive final confrontation. It's such a fantastic scene for a final battle, but as it is right now, I felt frustrated and hopeless for the majority of it, rather than heroic and mighty. Going to try again in a little bit. Just wanted to get my gut reaction to it posted to hopefully tweak it for the better.
  5. Yeah, it is for selecting Reagents/Partners, but not for Crucible/Sagewrights.
  6. I would LOVE to be able to filter heroes by fertility (Sagewrights Guild/Crucible). Same with if they have a Relic or not. I have accidentally placed a relic-having hero into one of these positions on more than one occasion, locking it out of use for a good chunk of time. It would really make the selection process for heroes faster if there were a few more ways to sort them on those long scrolling lists.
  7. The Hunter changes were absolutely necessary and feel very "right." Makes "put them down" a much more interesting/viable skill to take, where before it was needless since you could so often one-shot enemies. Great stuff.
  8. I regret to inform you that Jorn "Deadeye" Scott, the last surviving member of the now legendary "Scott Three", passed away at the age of 66 after just narrowly surviving a gruesome battle alongside his nephew Wayne "Wiggly" Scott. He went into a time portal and came back with a relic of his family, long since lost to the wretches of time. But his bravery lives on, in the blood of his relatives and in the hearts of the people. Holy shit, Massive Chalice is fantastic.
  9. It's been what I've been waiting for with this game, and I'm so happy it happened in the first hour of me playing. It's a great feeling and you and the team did a fantastic job. Totally, 100% nailed it.
  10. In my first real moment of Massive Chalice awesomeness, after a battle gone wrong I found myself rather short on available heroes. All that were available to me was a sickly Alchemist and 3 Hunters of the Scott clan (one of the Scotts was the only surviving member of the battle that claimed all of my other heroes). I assumed my first run was to be a short one, but then something happened: The Scotts were brutal. Kill after Kill, the Scotts made their presence known. After each victorious strike, they cried "The Scotts are out!" And indeed, they were. So thanks, The Scotts: Stern, Maria, and Jorn. You continue to be the finest damn Hunters in all the land.
  11. Dastardly Rot Breath The Night Drunkard Slappy The Streak Savage Brickhouse Fumbles Scrapper
  12. Have approvals for submitted bloodlines started going out yet? I did mine during the stream when they first sent the emails and still sitting at "pending" on my bloodline url. It's been really cool seeing what everyone else has been making! Here's mine: http://bit.ly/1n1oDWy
  13. Editor seems pretty solid, even for an early-ish iteration. One thing that might be a cool addition would be to be able to preview how it would look on an actual character model. It would make what 'primary' and 'secondary' color choices mean more clear to someone who might not know for sure what colors would apply where. Same for a banner, just to see how the sigil they made will look on an actual banner, rather than only in the work space. Probably would be asking for too much, but I could see it being pretty helpful.
  14. Just watched the awesome concept art video that was posted and they talked about what the animals of Massive Chalice might look like and their potential usage. It got me thinking and gave me an idea for a potential mechanic. Let's say that, on a given battle, there is a random chance that there will be wild, untamed animals on the field. Not aligned with you or the demons. What if there was a class or a perk that allowed a hero to capture and tame one of these wild beasts? Maybe a potential perk of the Ranger-esque classes. The wild animals could be hostile to both parties, human and demon, so it could add an interesting dynamic of will they attack you or the demons, or will they run away, or whatever. So, say you have the ability to capture and tame this assortment of wild beasts during combat. If you manage to capture it they could be used as resources to help make food or better armor or materials for magic in the researching phase, OR they could go into combat with you if you have classes that allow for that training. Imagine rolling into combat with an armored bear, wearing the cape of the house who tamed it. Breeding animals for future generations. Animal relics? It could add another layer to the planning phase of the Epic Timeline that could be pretty rad. Probably would be complicated and potentially out of the scope of this game, but might be an interesting idea to kick around.
  15. DrStoked


    Everything about the concept of this game is really interesting to me. It combines some of my favorite kinds of games and puts them into a nice Brad-lead Double Fine package. Couldn't get much better. Can't wait to see my bloodline in the game.
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