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  1. I would love to see a fancy clam one with a mustache, monocle, walking cane and top hat.
  2. -A world where every one is a overly energetic mascots. -Tiny world- (anywhere between holly snikes a ameba, to this pencil is as tall as i am) -World of the rich poor (Everyone is extremely wealthy but will ONLY spend their own money on extremely extravagant unnecessary things. I think it would be strange to see a man dressed in rags and a victorian top hat with a gold plated MP3 player replica (Doesn't actually work) siting in his cardboard box smiling with his half gold plated half missing teeth) -pitch black sound world people only see using sound (visible colorful silhouette sound waves emit from all things making sound) -Inside a renewable power plant, Powered by cows poop, While it is being protested by a angry mob of farmers in need of cow manure to fertilise their crops, before the harvest season. Hope it helps
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