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  1. It's hard to make a game, huh? Some people look from outside and think that game developers play and have fun all day long. Great episode!
  2. - A mansion based on the Skywalker Ranch! - An Island full of monkeys and pirates - Roads and gangs of bikers - Ice level - A talking cave Now, seriously: A world where it is always night, but not dark... just night. Calm night in the country where you listen to the silence, home lights always on, people rarely leave their homes... And the city... the downtown has movement, but not that much, bars always opened, jazz and blues can be listend on the streets... and the sun never comes... But why? Duno... maybe it's gone for some reason... or the Earth stopped... or even the time stand still... or something simpler: it's 7:00PM, there are more 8 hours for the sun to come and the mission in this level takes 3 hours to be done... NIGHT! Just... nightttttttttt...