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  1. Hey I've run across a decent graphical bug on OSX during my playthroughs - it occurs due to the game seemingly remembering the last resolution it was played at. How is that a problem??!??! i hear you think - well one day I launched up the game on an external monitor after a previous session on my macbook pro (at full retina resolution) and was only seeing about the top left quarter of the screen! I couldn't figure it what to do but eventually found a workaround which was to edit the config file each time I launched the game, resetting the resolution to something smaller that would launch fully visible, then I would change to the desired resolution for the external monitor using the in-game menu.
  2. Hey just wondering, thinking long term for any further patches etc. should we switch to the public steam version or will the backer "beta" always receive the same updates? I'm playing on iPad anyway this time as its more convenient for my commute - gotta say its really really great, awesome work on the port Oliver!
  3. I had completely forgotten I'd ordered the Blu-Ray - only occurred to me now there was probably a thread about it, good to see some updates had been going on but would definitely have appreciated the odd email or two - thanks for the hard work - I'm still looking forward to it I've got digi downloads for AF 2012 and DFA but would be keen on buying blu-ray for them too - any chance of a re-release of those?
  4. Wow that episode was heavy! I've been laid off (or made redundant in the local vernacular) twice now and it hurts a lot - my heart really goes out to the guys and girls who had to leave, hope and pray they find new jobs soon! Like everyone else here I just want to express my thanks for opening up the DF world and being so open and honest - it's been so engaging and enjoyable to feel part of the process and interact with the staff. I've always liked Tims and DFs work but this adventure (see what I did there...) has made me a fan for life!
  5. Totally happy for it to go public - I backed largely to get the documentary but wouldn't feel burned at all if you decide to release publicly - is there plans for a blu-ray release? I backed the latest AF with the blu-ray tier and kinda wish I'd done the same for DFA.
  6. Oh man... really wish I could have gone down to PAX, if only for the DF meetup Have an awesome time guys!
  7. Hey cool - haven't checked the forums in a little while and this update was a nice suprise
  8. Man always feel sad for Tim when they show him reading bad reviews, harsh criticism sux Also - Oliver is a genius! I hope DF gives him every reason to never leave. Really great episode, loving these insights - I bought the ipad version too and was holding off playing through again until act 2 but since it will be a while off i'll just have another go now. Totally unrelated (except that i keep seeing them in these videos) - would love to know where Tim got his DOTT and yarn pal knitted toys? Also the big Raz is sweet too! I got Josef from Machinarium off the amanita site but no luck finding the others.
  9. Loved the ep great work guys! - but i've just realised that i misread the info and didn't realise the doco soundtrack was in my humble page and consequently bought it separately on bandcamp, soooooo... if anyone still having trouble (legitimately) with their downloads I have a spare copy i could send someone RE the episode, I couldn't help but feel that the concept art section flirted with spoiler territory. Not a massive deal and i'm thinking it will be really hard to have future episodes completely spoiler free now that we know half the story (much easier to connect dots now with any new tid bits). Also it was said outright that the ship you use to take down mog chothra at the end is an old version of mog chothra - i could be wrong but i don't remember this being revealed or confirmed until now (although people had guessed at it). Anyway can't wait for Act 2!
  10. Haven't watched the latest ep yet but i'm assuming this thread is referenced and watching it will make it more clear who you're referring to?
  11. Hey just wondering if mayhaps the "FBI" agents are a DOTT ref - similar to the IRS agents that turn up to take dr fred?
  12. nice work guys - cool to see things still tracking along - i'm still pretty sleep deprived with my 3 week old but i'm gonna download the latest version and have a squiz
  13. Hey keen to keep helping out in some capacity but maybe not for a couple weeks at least as we are past our baby D-day now so he could come at any time!
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