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  1. Costume Quest, Original Game of the year

    thanks so much for the compliments and for the feedback. we're really glad you liked the game!
  2. Grubbins DLC: Stuck in scenery bug

    this is the first time i've heard of this happening- sounds like a collision bug that must have slipped through. you could try switching to the robot costume and using the boost ability to get yourself out, but i have the feeling that's not going to work. i think your only choice is going to be to start a new DLC game, but if you're only at the luring part it doesn't sound like you are very far in. sorry! :C
  3. @selloutwithme Thanks so much for the nice comments. We're really glad you enjoyed it! A bunch of us are Arrested Development fans here, but that joke in particular was thanks to our producer Gabe Miller
  4. oh man, there are so many. but off the top of my head in no particular order, some of my favorites: Earthbound Okami Zelda series Frequency/Amplitude Suikoden 1-3 Final Fantasy Tactics Psychonauts World of Warcraft
  5. Who wouldn't want this?

    cute! love the skull pail
  6. I want more Costume Quest

    thanks guys, and thanks for the nice message pachuco! we were definitely influenced by those old holiday specials- i'm glad you got that vibe. that's an awesome compliment that i passed on to the rest of the team
  7. I loved this game so much

    thanks Milkman! we'd love to do more Costume Quest stuff- there are a lot more cool ideas we have for the world & characters. it all depends if publishers give us money to make them
  8. Costume Quest was amazing.

    Awesome, thanks so much! Glad you liked it:D
  9. Costume Quest swag - where it be? Suggestions, ho!

    i like all the ideas, keep 'em coming. also, we're working on getting some CQ stuff in the store soon!
  10. The best 3 seconds Double Fine has ever given me

    That is so sweet. i LOVE hearing stories like this! glad to hear you both enjoyed the game
  11. Who wants another Tasha game?

    for a pretty good overview you can read an interview i did with kirk hamilton for gamer melodico here: http://www.gamermelodico.com/2010/11/interview-costume-quests-tasha-harris.html
  12. Costume Quest Rocked! Thanks!

    awesome, glad to hear you and your girls liked it
  13. Dorsilla's Final Magic (Spoilers)

    yes, she's buffing your party in order to get revenge on Big Bones.
  14. Who wants another Tasha game?

    *raises hand*