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  1. Vertical! so it matches my monkey island 2 box (the only one that has survived all these years), now I just need to find an Amiga to play my old MI2 game on!
  2. I agree that without the restrictions of working for a publisher you can make the game that others cannot. I would really like to see some mature content in there, and not a family G game that tries to please all audiences. On the Puzzle debate I think it would be crazy not to include puzzles, but all puzzles should have MULTLPLE WAYS TO SOLVE THEM. Some of the zainier puzzles in some adventure games I found to be bottle necks. By having inteligent puzzles that make some sort of sence, this wouldnt be a problem. (WITH MULTIPLE WAYS OF SOLVING THEM!). You might also find by having multple ways of solving puzzles that it adds to the replay of the game, as you could play it again solving it differently. Also game references and pop culture could be fun.
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