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  1. Amnesia Adventure Concept Brainstorming

    This is so cool @Jenni! I like that the spaceship takes you there and the Master Screw is the memento you bring back ^^
  2. Space scene implementation

    Woo! Thanks @Jenni Go ahead
  3. Space scene implementation

    Here's some progress! I implemented the cutscenes:
  4. Team photo!

    So cool! Hahaha I will of course add you to the team photo!
  5. Space scene implementation

    At least have the items rotating yeah!
  6. Team photo!

    Yeah totally!
  7. Team photo!

    Thank you everyone!! We have a final candidate
  8. Team photo!

    Right! I tried that here:
  9. Team photo!

    Any suggestions wrt nicknames? @Mythalore Yeah I might need to populate the left side more
  10. Team photo!

    Right away!
  11. Team photo!

    Sorry! Here's another attempt:
  12. Art assets

    So cool! I love it
  13. Team photo!

    Trying out some stuff for the background. On the empty space, I'll place the AF logo and maybe some concept art? I will also add nicknames, maybe on a bar on the bottom.
  14. Team photo!

    @fragmental More like fragMETAL am I right Here's @VideoGameScrapBook, @Reid_Harris_Cooper and @KGuNN @Cheeseness you can also have a DF character body, although yes your shirt is pretty cool! Here's you with PONGBALL: and here's Manny Kylevera @kyle3wynn @Mythalore and @lightsoda and Rasse @osse101
  15. Art assets

    WOW That looks so cool!