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  1. This is so cool @Jenni! I like that the spaceship takes you there and the Master Screw is the memento you bring back ^^
  2. Woo! Thanks @Jenni Go ahead
  3. Here's some progress! I implemented the cutscenes:
  4. So cool! Hahaha I will of course add you to the team photo!
  5. At least have the items rotating yeah!
  6. Yeah totally!
  7. Thank you everyone!! We have a final candidate
  8. Right! I tried that here:
  9. Any suggestions wrt nicknames? @Mythalore Yeah I might need to populate the left side more
  10. Right away!
  11. Sorry! Here's another attempt:
  12. So cool! I love it
  13. Trying out some stuff for the background. On the empty space, I'll place the AF logo and maybe some concept art? I will also add nicknames, maybe on a bar on the bottom.
  14. @fragmental More like fragMETAL am I right Here's @VideoGameScrapBook, @Reid_Harris_Cooper and @KGuNN @Cheeseness you can also have a DF character body, although yes your shirt is pretty cool! Here's you with PONGBALL: and here's Manny Kylevera @kyle3wynn @Mythalore and @lightsoda and Rasse @osse101
  15. WOW That looks so cool!