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  1. @kringel In general I agree with your sentiment. Great puzzle design should keep you in the game, being challenging but not to the point that it removes you from the world. However, I think that this balance is a lot more subtle than some other commenter's would have you believe, and just making the puzzles in BA harder will not automatically lead to Act 2 being a better game in and of itself. I read people talking about BA being a disappointment because they are not getting stuck on individual puzzles for hours or even days on end like they did with the classic games of yore. Truth be told, that was always the side of those games that I hated - getting to the point that I never wanted to touch a particular game again because the puzzle design was so wilfully obtuse! For me that is just not fun. It's worth noting that LucasArts games are remembered for other aspects other than just the difficulty of their puzzle design, and it is those aspects that I personally have the most love. So sure, I fully expect the puzzle design in BA to get more interesting/deeper in Act 2, but my hope is that this is not at the expense of the rest of the game.
  2. I find it fascinating to hear people complaining about a lighter or 'childlike' tone. Have you not been following the 2PP videos? If so then how is any of this a surprise to you! The tone of Broken Age is far closer to something like Psychonauts, what with its colourful, whimsical surface but darker underbelly (should you choose to read it that way). Sure, it's no Brutal Legend but then it was never going to be. Play the game on its own terms and immerse yourself in the wonderful visuals and sound (the score really is the unsung hero here) and I find it hard to call the production anything less than a success. As for difficulty, this is obviously something that could be debated for a year and a day. Personally I enjoyed the emphasis on story and character over classical puzzle solving. I'm quite aware though that adventure game fans come in all shapes and sizes and that a lack of pure P&C gameplay will leave some people wanting. I do hope the team don't take this kind of feedback and push things too far in the opposite direction however. I heard Tim say in several interviews over the last week that he has listened to the comments and plans to make the game harder and more puzzle orientated in Act 2. I just prey that he doesn't let his core vision for the game be compromised by the whims of a very select group of people who I suspect when all is said and done are really looking for quite a different game than what BA actually is. For the truly hardcore there are a million and one European-made games out there designed to throttle your brain cells until they scream for submission. BA is not (and I'd content was never going to be) one of those games. In the main I'm very happy with the game and am now eager to play Act 2. Given the limitations of the episodic format I was very pleased with the ending (I love the way the last frame echo's the first) and the questions it poses about the characters and world has me intrigued to see more. I'm also eager to see more of the documentary as for me that has been as valuable as the game itself (I'm sure the next episode showing the team breaking down and deciphering the launch will be fascinating). Did it meet my expectations: yes, in spades!
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