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  1. man this sidequest was really great, thanks for sharing justin.. and i wanna see snow wars in action
  2. can we just talk about the amazing fan video/musical at the end of this episode? the last line was particularly amazing and profound
  3. i brought up improvements and more variation with the QTE's as a quick way to make combat feel a little more active and fresh. i love how shaigunjoe thought to just completely gut the system, it immediately made me think how much fun it would be/look to have a more realtime combat system in place, still transitioning to some sort of fighting scene from the exploration aspect of the game. the coolest, and maybe realistic, idea for combat would be if there were 2-4 types of combat that would randomly get selected per battle. so you have a chance of jumping into a real time battle, turn based battle, and two other combat scenarios. might sound ridiculously unrealistic rather than just finding one and really focusing on it and it's polish, but it's a neat idea to think about! i'm sure voice acting would be cool, but there is some sort of effect with the speech bubbles definitely, there's some charm to it because you sometimes make the voices up in your head. i would like to see the bubbles have some color coordination or symbol so it was clear who's bubble was who when you have 3 people near you talking. also a way to skip bubbles you've already read. i think i remember loving the sounds of the speech bubbles tho, and it might have not been loud enough in certain situations to hear. i think AnAnemoneInAnonymity nailed it a few posts above. seeing the area alive with pranks and halloweenery would be amazing, seeing other kids running around and all that! teepee everywhere, or at least used as a specific story element would be amazing, i can already picture it looking great. getting in tune with your younger halloween-self will totally bring out more soul in the game! someone said it's 7 months to release, so who knows, maybe it's way too late to change things up as we are mentioning. i really hope to see some nice changes tho, the foundation for costume quest is really really strong, but i think it can go much farther and really really stand out with smart adjustments in mood, exploration, and gameplay.
  4. i was surprised to hear the announcement of cq2 as i had just beat the first one earlier this weekend. i wanted to have a place where people could throw some suggestions to things they want to see improved/changed for the sequel. i've seen a lot of people say combat, but have a little think and throw some potential solutions ! - turning animation: this was one of the things i dreaded the most. if you were facing right and wanted to start moving left, your character would have to rotate 180 degrees before beginning to move. for how petty that sounds, it really made the game feel so much more sluggish to me. walking/skating should feel fun no matter what! you do it for the majority of the game, so i hope to see some nice quick/responsive animated solutions this time around. - platforming: to add the previous point, maybe being able to trigger jumps, rolls, and the like could add some fun platforming aspect to the game. this stuff could also just be attributed to certain costumes rather than consistent for every costume. - combat variety: i liked how the quicktime events kept you relatively engaged, i just didn't know why each costume would stick to the same type of QTE, it should have all been random so you reaaally had to stay on your toes. i think if qte's are going to be just as present in the sequel, there should be tons of variety with how they could work and not be costume specific. - more moves: i would love to see more rpg elements for the costumes combat. things like gaining new moves after reaching higher levels, choosing what your level up improves (focusing on health gain, strength gain, agility gain, etc.) and things like that - camera combat angles: this was another jarring thing i noticed during combat. generally before you attacked, the camera would be positioned above and behind all three characters of your party. sometimes, however, (generally for the last character's turn) the camera angle would change to a more profile view that was lower to the ground, it always felt disorienting to me, rather than a new refreshing view of the battle. so yeah, just a few to start it off. feel free to post things that you really liked about the first game that you'd like to continue to see in the sequel.
  5. great playthrough experience, i think the absence of heavy hand holding was great, and i would love to see more puzzles within this game world. lighting is great, love the look of the character models and how they felt with their animation, somehow the models and bg really felt married together despite the two being kind of different stylistically. there came a point where i was running through the hub and the doors a lot trying to figure out stuff, and i think with focus testing that could be streamlined a bit more, but definitely would not want to to see more watered-down puzzles resulting from trying to accommodate the player's experience too much. since this game is another adventure game where all these assets are used generally just once, i would love to see some fitting story elements that would allow for reuse of locations/memories again later in the game. maybe the idea of experience the same memory from someone else's perspective, where things are skewed and distorted but based on the same locations...or something like that! and a yellowish focus light rather than blue one would have felt a little more appropriate to keep it feeling b/w, but maybe the blue was just too saturated. very great stuff, super glad derek stuck it out like a champ ! the whole team did a great job
  6. ah right, i forgot about that being the case...hmm well i suppose if there was an option to hide subtitles for recorded lines that would still be super appreciated for immersion.
  7. will we be able to toggle the pink buds' subtitles on and off? i know i would enjoy the dialogue a billion times more if i'm not reading it as i'm hearing it. good luck on the final push guys !
  8. i would love to see some tweaking with the car physics. if there was more friction and faster acceleration/deceleration to resemble a real golf cart. also less floaty gravity? play with some numbers and fine tune it ! good luck guys
  9. ok reza

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    i vote for the boy being drunk
  10. they asked for ex-game reviewers to review their game for their eyes only, these weren't published
  11. congrats to everyone at double fine and 2pp, what a great experience to have been a part of, wish the best of luck for you folks ! here's a little sketch my friend did when we watched ray's side quest way back when. much love to the animators at double fine, i wanna see ray's thesis !
  12. hello hello backers and double fine dudes. i am all about animation being implemented perfectly in video games because that's a huge factor in making games feel more immersive, feel right, and just look super good. one thing i noticed is that if you walk to a given point, you will reach your destination and THEN another animation plays where the walk slowly comes to a stop. the thing is, this ending animation occurs once you've already reached the point you chose to reach, so basically the ending walk animation starts a step behind where you already ended up. if this is unclear, basically when you walk from point A to point B, once you reach point B, the ending walk animation starts playing but backtracks a step or two, so the user sees the player reach the destination twice. personally, i LOVE the slowing down animation, it looks super good even though it's not implemented perfectly. one thing i totally expect being the reasoning behind this is that programming this correctly may cause some bugs because you have to anticipate when the last step is before the slowing down animation begins (and it has to be implemented for every direction). it could get messy, especially as it seems there's only one slowing down walk animation per angle (where it would probably need two, depending on which foot is last to step before reaching the destination). this is a super small thing but IT IS SO GOD DAMN IMPORTANT...LIKE SUPER IMPORTANT. remember when everyone talked about the the dude closing the cop door while walking along the cop car in the "the division" gameplay footage? that's because so many games don't focus on small details with animation, things that really ground the scene together, but when they are there, viewer notice them....feel them. it makes people happy i swear, so i hope other players noticed this and really hope it gets fixed ! ps. vella's mom is probably the best animated character in the game, and is also just a super appealing designed character, +1 on those responsible.
  13. im all for the blurry backgrounds for close ups, as long as the blur is nice and soft rather than low-res looking like many examples here display. hope to see some of the obvious cases like the cloud shoes screenshot (above) to get treated better though.
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