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  1. In the book, it was Christopher Robin who owned a gun (and helped Winnie). I think it's funnier with Piglet's help.
  2. If you say "Soviet animation", I can only think of Vinni Pukh:
  3. Great tip! Thanks. *ignore* :lol: (just kidding)
  4. I totally agree with you. The advanced (and sometimes unnecessary) hints -imho- was something that would be easy to remove and that would make the game better. Yet, I've no expectations on DF doing that change to the game. I don't know it they have the time or resources to do that, and since I have no idea how the rest of the game is, I don't know if removing that mechanic would have a positive or negative impact on the game as a whole. All in all, I still believe judging the whole game by looking and the 1st act (as some people are doing) is a bit premature. Let's wait and see what happens with the RTW version. If they tweak the hints somehow, I'll be as happy as you for it.
  5. Oh, yes. I get your point. I still think there's a difference between "puzzles were a bit on the easy side" or "it would be nice to be able to turn some hints off" to "this is not an adventure game!", "this is for 3 years olds and morons" or the "you should please ME!" type of comments. I think people need to keep in mind that they are not seeing the whole picture here. Remember that this game was planned as a whole, and was later decided to deliver it in two parts. It is reasonable to think that maybe the level of difficulty could have been planned to be getting harder as you progressed in the game. Hence the first Act being a little on the easy side. (Or maybe not, but you can't be sure, so it's all speculation.) Also I think it's reasonable to think that DF might want to sell this game to an audience that's well beyond the backers. Yes, we are the ones making it possible, but we are not the only ones who'll play it. So they have to take that into consideration. If the game was only planned for backers, it would have been a very different game, I tell you. Same goes as to the devices where it will be available. They need to create something that allows them to port the game with minimal effort. Making something for different devices is really difficult and expensive (I know it, I do that for a living). So the UI needs to be thought to be used in desktop PCs as well as portable touch devices (two rather different media. I have hard times trying to explain my clients the difference between the two). I think people needs to have all this things into consideration.
  6. +1 Edit: Also, classic adventure games used to have lots of hints. But not directly inside the game. Those used to come in paper manuals. There used to be printed hint guides too, that you could buy. You also used to have hotlines to ask for help (remember this was all before the internet). (The DRM of the time was something like "write the sixth word in page 27"). Clearly, if you play those games in emulation nowadays, either you get stuck or you'll go to YouTube or a walkthrough in some fan page to get hints. Back then, you just RTFM.
  7. ... Please, be careful when you edit a quote. It was not me who said that, it was Meangreendude. I'm not mean, nor green. Thanks.
  8. First of all: it's MAREK, not Merick. Shay's life it's a lot like "The Truman Show". He's been living a lie, and we know nothing about it (other than a few things). What's with the wool theme? Everything is woven in Shay's "ship". I find this really interesting. (Btw: being as there was a lot of woven thing in the ship, I found it a little disappointing that Shay had that techie blanket. Why not a nice woven one?) Bear in mind that the villages are themed: the bakers village, the cloudy cult village, the seamen village. Will we see the Weavers Village? Also, is Shay's ship a reference to Loom?
  9. The backers mentioned in the credits are those who payed $100 or more. Full Throttle was made in 1995 (almost 20 years ago!). Technology has evolved. Games (and game language) has evolved. We're all really much older. It's not easy creating a game. Game developments is hard. From choosing the engine, to creating the assets, a lot goes into making a game (have you seen the documentary?). Most people don't think about this, unless they're in this industry. This is just a part of the game, not the whole game. But since a lot of the technological hurdles are well cleared, I believe Act 2 will be quite different. Having 87k people watching you make a game must be really unnerving...
  10. How do you know? Have you asked all 87k backers about their age and gaming experience? I think it's reasonable to think there are all kinds of people in this group of backers. When you try to create something (I'm a designer, so I'm mostly in the creative side of things) you know how difficult it is to try to please a large audience. Specially a large audience as big as this one. Yeah, some aspects of the game were not exactly what I expected, but this was not a tailor made game, aimed exactly at my taste and desires. Overall, it was a great game, and one of the most satisfying experiences I've had with a game lately.
  11. That was truly great. I liked the grampa puzzle too. It was one of the best for me.
  12. I think this, too. I'm also an old gamer. But I had no problem whatsoever with the UI. I think games' language evolves in time, so you can't expect the same old interface from the first adventure games here (as you wouldn't expect a pixelated 640x480 game either). I loved at the art style too. Bagel (and the rest of the art department) are geniuses. Technically, it's just a gorgeous game. It too leaved me an "I WANT MORE!" sensation. I had to remind myself that this was just the first act of the game. It'll be a loooong wait for the second part. Edit: just wanted to add that this is the first game in a long time that makes me want to keep playing it, no matter what. I've been playing mostly mobile games lately, and I usually have no problem putting games aside to do other things I need to do. But this game was addictive. I just wanted more, more! MORE! That was impressive.
  13. Well, I think Marek made some of the puzzles too easy for me. (He gave some hints that made the puzzle too obvious). And I wasn't even expecting those hints. Anyways, I think I've way too much experience with adventure games, because I got most of the things at first try. I just kept clicking and clicking until I got everything in a scene, then tried to combine them, or give them to characters I found on the journey. And I found things way too obvious. But I believe it's not a problem with the game but rather that I'm older and wiser! For example, I see people having problems with the Prima Doom puzzle, which I found rather easy (remembering some Myst puzzles was of great help to solve that). Thinking about it, it's a really nice game, and the puzzles are nice, specially for younger people with less experience with adventure games. So, I don't know. They can't please everybody, I guess. I really liked the game.
  14. Before solving this, you'll want to explore the ship. I wonder where those teleporters can take you?
  15. Controls are outside, as Marek tells you. You need to go out. You initially are inside a space suit, connected to the ship. You need to get loose, somehow... You need to get to the controls. Just jumping isn't enough, so you'll need something else. Think like an astronaut. When you get there, it won't be easy to reach the controls (remember, you're inside a space suit). Also, if the controls are outside, you can't control the arm from inside the ship, you'll need some way to do that too. Everything you need is inside the ship, of course. Hope it helps.
  16. It's wise to look around the ship, and try to get everything that might be useful...
  17. Same here. If I go to [MyUser] > Applications > Broken Age > Contents > Resources, inside I find shortcuts.icns with the "Reds" icon. (Hope it helps).
  18. I got the download link! I'm going to play it later though.
  19. There are always a lot of legal implications with this sort of things. (NDAs, etc.) It's probably easier to deal with a translation agency directly than sending contracts all over the world for individual translators to sign. Also, deadlines and stuff.
  20. Dmian

    Website defect

    Is that a custom parallax? I thought you were using Jarallax or something similar. Nice one!
  21. Can we see Tim's underwear? For transparency's sake! (I hope)
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