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  1. I also find it ludicrous to exclude 2pp just for the sake of the documentary schedule. I'm even going so far as to say that I welcome them pitching games during the next AF, should there be a next AF. Could be very interesting to see a repeat performance from Asif, similar to what happened with Derek. But that's a bridge we bomb when we get there. Furthermore I also feel that the series should trump a livestream in every way. To be honest I was a bit relieved when I discovered there were no livestreams this year. In the past I felt I had to watch them or I'd miss something, and on some days that was a bit of a hassle. On the other hand, because of the series delay, I had a feeling of disconnection from the event that was quite less enjoyable than AFs past. In the end, though, it is what it is. I still get a great documentary series, some prototypes to play (even from non-doublefine folks!), maybe a soundtrack? (please please please!) All in all, some bad, a heck of a lot good, can't complain about the amount of bang for my buck.
  2. Can't wait to see it as well. From the few glimpses you showed here it looks awesome! Good job all around!
  3. Amazing. A barfing vase. This is magic.
  4. This is a very pleasant surprise! Can't wait what these fine folks will produce in these two weeks of sheer madness!
  5. I love the attachments concepts. Especially Durability L3, the turtle helm is adorable. Great stuff so far, this should be a very interesting alien world to explore. Keep on rocking, team!
  6. Hot damn, that's amazing stuff! That looks so very cool, good job, Matt! You guys are really rocking this awesome concept! Good job, Kiln Team!
  7. And you have rails that we can slide across. This all looks amazing. Great stuff, keep it up, team!
  8. Obviously. And @ninjaboyjohn was always quick with horse pun on top of that back then. It was quite the ride.
  9. I'm scared, and a little bit excited. Mostly scared, though.
  10. At least there's less horsing around this time. AF2014 was lousy in that regard.
  11. And I just got mooned by a purple spirit. Game over, Kiln definitely won AF2017. It's the butt bonus. Them's the rules.
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