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  1. Pretty much what the title says. This isn't present in gameplay, but during cutscenes, is there any way to get rid of the letterboxing present?
  2. Was hoping to buy some from the store, but it keeps saying "sold out". Anyone have any idea when more will be available?
  3. Hell yeah! Where can we place an order for it?
  4. Sweet! For me, the store just says "out of stock". We will be able to place an order soon? Probably, I just don't want to put them back on sale until we're a little more caught up on our back orders. The way the timing worked out with the existing orders wasn't what we thought it was going to be--it's not really anyone's fault, just one of those weird logistical blips. But as soon as we're able to start fulfilling the orders we'll make it available again. I don't know if we'll have both the slipcase and regular ones available, or just the regular ones; it depends on what kind of volume we can get from the manufacturer. Thanks for the info! I'll keep my eye out for when it's available.
  5. Sweet! For me, the store just says "out of stock". We will be able to place an order soon?
  6. Yeah, it got pushed back on Amazon. Any word from DF on this?
  7. These are all great ideas. I think the game would be even better with them.
  8. Can I ask you were you stopped playing the game, because they also have doom, death, and black metal in it too. Also did you check all 12 of the vistas because those are the areas that look most like covers off of heavy metal records. Maybe he should have visited the amazing wiki for the game.
  9. How did you miss the bushes made of drums, the colossal hot rods, patrolling Headbangers, car part mines, and hot chicks using the dissected carcass of razor motorcycle boars as rifles? How did you not see the fields teeming with Raptor Elks? How did you--no wait. I think I should repeat that. Raptor. Elk. That's fucking metal. Saying that the brutal land is nothing but grassland with occasional speakers is selling it way too short. Pay attention. Look at every detail. It's 64 kilometres of pure love and craftsmanship. It's the farthest thing from anything resembling "generic fantasy"
  10. True that. If it could work however, I think it would be a welcome addition in a patch.
  11. Good point. It would take some careful programming, so at to not break the game.
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