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  1. Portable Double Fine might just be the push I need to finally buy a Vita. Sony should pay ya'll.
  2. I'm getting the same error in both Firefox and Chrome.
  3. Voted for The Flock because after playing Journey, mellow multiplayer games are exactly what I want to spend my free time doing. Also voted for Milgrim because level creation as the bad guy seems like a fun new idea, and The White Birch simply because I love dark environments and platformers, and Andy's beard just seems like it knows what it's doing!
  4. Stoked to see Marius got on for the project and that Tim is considering him as full timer. That application was insane.
  5. Also, regarding music, for some reason the soundtrack to the original Tron comes to mind when thinking about the Boy segments of the game. The 80's science fiction vibe.
  6. Regarding Ep 4, Bagel's wig mountain, as Tim called it, could make for some really cool animations methinks.
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