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  1. Guys, I'm very tired of Gabbly turning into a cloning machine, so I've asked QA to please shut down gabbly for good. It's been a hella of a ride guys.
  2. Stop double posting or I'm report you. I'm reported Warrior and I'm won't be scared to report you.
  3. Yeah, let's get angry at Warrior and punish him by banning an account he already plans on never using again.
  4. [del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del]
  5. [del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del]
  6. [del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del]
  7. oh shut up, you havent even played the game, you nothing about it whatsoever, its an AWESOME online game, and i hope for a million more online DF games in the future
  8. My result was experimental piglet #5, what the hell does that mean?
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