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  1. I'm from the UK and ordered the Blu-Ray on day of release. I received it yesterday, and I can only thank Fangamer for their timing, as I was off sick! So, I was able to enjoy all the new content while sneezing my way through a roll of tissue paper. It's a brilliant package that reiterates all the love and care demonstrated in the documentary. Very well done to all involved, it is now a treasured part of my collection.
  2. Blu-RayOrdered. Let's hope shipping estimates to the UK were pessimistic...although I suppose it'll be a nice Christmas present to myself!
  3. Brilliant, thanks. Can you ensure to update this thread when/if that happens? NB
  4. Can someone clarify whether the Blu-Ray will be available for purchase by those who didn't back at the appropriate level? As a devotee of the documentary this seems like the ultimate version, and I want it! Sorry if this question has been asked a million times.
  5. Quick question: if I backed at the documentary level but not at the Blu-Ray level, do I have to purchase the remastered collection in order to get access to the extras?
  6. Backed! I'm overjoyed at the prospect of another 2PP doc as well.
  7. This is correct as far as I understand it. Investors get a return based on sales, backers claim rewards. Neither is charged unless the funding target is reached.
  8. Don't get me wrong! From a personal point of view, this whole saga was *100%* worth it. The documentary is one of the best behind-the-scenes I've ever seen, in any genre, and I loved the game.
  9. It's difficult to watch the final episode and come away with the feeling that the team thought it was all worth it. But, the game got made, and DoubleFine stayed in business for another three years, which by all accounts might not have been the case had the KickStarter campaign not been so successful. The game's quality is the icing on the cake. I back many KickStarters and I just wish that people would go in with their eyes open, creators included. I wish Broken Age had been a paragon of constrained expectations and project control. I wish, almost, that the DF KS hadn't been so successful...but not quite. I do however wish that Tim had found a story he could tell without having to pour the company's money into the well alongside the crowd-funded cash. I wish that KickStarter would have been shown as a perfectly viable business model for studios like DoubleFine, who have a million ideas but a hard time selling even one of them to publishers, let alone getting the game they envisioned out the other side, so that they could have simply turned their back on the publishers and found a future backed entirely by their audience. But that didn't happen. Instead, I can't shake the feeling that Broken Age will, correctly or not, go down as a salutary lesson for other creators going forward, and this despite the fact that, delays and blown budgets and all, it gave us not only what was promised, but a lot more besides.
  10. I would actually like the forums to stay "for us". But, if the prevailing wind is to make them public, PLEASE make them read-only. These boards will, excuse my language, get shit all over by the trolls, and I'd really prefer them to stay unspoiled.
  11. I would give Act 1-- 70%, Act 2 -- 90% and the game as a whole -- 85%. We had a blast playing it, but it falls just short of absolute brilliance due to a few flaws in the early game. Now, in terms of the whole bundle, and the opportunity we've had to share in the making of this thing, I would rate value-for-money as 100%. I hope beyond hope that DF is able to use this technology and take a punt on another point-n-click. Tim has shown he's still one of the best story-tellers in the business.
  12. This was how our whiteboard FINISHED the day. Much had already been scrubbed. By the end of the knots puzzle, it was a smeary, incomprehensible mess!
  13. Yes this is exactly what I was about to post. You go to Steam, looking forward to firing up your new game, and what do you see, three inches below the "Play" button? "Why Broken Age Act 2's Story is an Awful Mess" There is something very wrong about that.
  14. This episode, more than any other, achieves what Tim set out to do with the documentary three years ago. Very personal, very hard to watch. Still, I'm beside myself with excitement about the release next week. I'll have more to say after, I'm sure.
  15. I very much like the idea of a closing "post-mortem" (as in the game, not Tim!) interview, but please, please god, keep it on-topic. I personally don't care about Spacebase or Gamergate except in the ways that it impacted DFA, which I imagine would be almost zero
  16. Sure, I don't mind. Release the whole thing at full quality...but not until the backers have had the final episode(s) for a little while.
  17. I could not be more excited about Act 2 of this game. Am I right in inferring from Tim's commentary that we can only expect one more documentary episode between now and the release? I turned my back on the whole Molyneux thing. Gaming communities, and a lot of the press that underpins them, have an inflated sense of their own importance which often spills over into torch-brandishing witch-hunts. Molyneux is a legendary developer responsible for some of the most ground-breaking games in the history of the medium. He's also a flawed human being who often dreams way in excess of his grasp. Kickstarter and Molyneux was never gonna be a recipe for unbridled success.
  18. Oof. That was an uncomfortable episode. "Just another day in games"..? Very enjoyable as always. Act 2 is looking amazing!
  19. Thanks for the update! No surprises on the extended ship date, but it really doesn't bother me. Have a nice break and good luck in Vegas!
  20. I'm extremely envious of you for not having seen the documentary yet! I've watched it crazy many times. It is my humble opinion, however, that if you've carefully avoided both the doc and the game so far, you will *probably* discover more about the game in the documentaries than you want to. Impossible for me to say for sure, of course, but with Act 2 probably only a couple of months away, you're so close to completing the journey...why not wait for the finish line?
  21. No. To be blunt about it, I want another Broken Age. They're perfectly poised to re-use the engine and experience gained from BA, it's just a question of whether they would want to, and if so, how it would be funded. On the latter issue, I'll happily back another KickStarter. Between the docs and the games, I've got incredible value for my money.
  22. Official word or no, you should expect it in Q1 2015. If it was coming out in the next five weeks (pretty much all that's left of 2014), don't you think we would have heard about the beta and/or backer pre-release by now?
  23. I, for one, would buy that immediately, especially with the option of having it signed by the team.
  24. Don't worry guys, when you grow up you'll be able to find better ways to express your disappointment than raging and threatening to sue. At least, I hope so.
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