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  1. I haven't been involved here much since becoming a backer, but I want to make sure this got read by the DF team: This game was great and I loved just about every second I spent with it. I played most of act 1 and 2 on my living room television set and it was gorgeous. The puzzles for act 1 weren't hard, but still fun. Act 2 puzzles were fun AND pretty good brain food. The musical shifts for 1 and 2 sounded great. The voice work was incredible, especially for Vella act 2. But my favorite part was the writing. hands down. Each DF/Tim game has a style of humor that is unique to it. Grim had a lot of dead pan(hah) gallows humor. Psychonauts had a lot of "zany" humor. Broken Age nails whimsical humor. I laughed so much, and chuckled, and "aww'ed" at a ton of it. I can't wait to play this again.
  2. I gotta go with Alec Holowa of Infinite Ammo (and Bit Blot, when he worked with Derek). Aquaria was my major introduction to indei gaming and BOY HOWDY what a game. I hope Infinite Ammo actually puts out a game soon, though Speleunky was also great.
  3. They aren't separated at all... .hack/sign Had that interesting concept of a character who only existed in a digital world (sort of)
  4. This and the previous episode were amazing. Also, totally forgot to use these forums as actual forums! Here I am! Gonna read and post and participate! Why doesn't anyone ever mention MYST when they talk about puzzle adventure games anymore in these things?
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