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    Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!
  1. The White Birch had me sold with the concept art and the comparisons to ICO and Journey, two of my favourite games in recent memory. The concept art also brings to mind LIMBO and even a bit of Bastion, two other great games. The idea of alternate — branching, you might say — endings is also intriguing; it's a particularly evocative idea in a game that focuses on mystery and exploration. Trying to quantify why this game took my top vote now, though, it actually has a surprising amount to do with the concept art in the pitch. I'm a sucker for games with good art design, I guess? Black Lake caught my eye for the same reasons. It sounds more in the vein of Shadow of the Colossus, but the concept art also has a LIMBO feel. Like The White Birch, it's mostly the possibility for atmosphere and lavish art that really excites me about this one. The waking dream aspect also sounds like a fun twist, and could lend itself to some interesting gameplay ideas. Hack n' Slash also intrigues me. Listening to the pitch, I felt sort of ho-hum about it; the 2D Zeldalike description didn't have me all that jazzed up, and the hacking aspect seemed like a silly metagame... until the reveal at the end of the trailer that it would involve actual hacking of the game itself. This is a really interesting idea, and could result in some pretty incredible emergent stuff, the sort of game that people could still be finding new things in ten years down the road. Spacebase DF-9 sounds like it could be good too. The pitch made me think immediately of RollerCoaster Tycoon, where you're managing some larger operation on a macro level, but you've also got the ability to drill down to individual experiences of it. Spacebase sounds like it would flesh that latter part out quite a bit, and if things really are generated procedurally, it has the potential to be almost endlessly replayable. I know the current urge would be to make this one for iOS or Android, but I think it could be a phenomenal PC title. As for stuff that turned me off, a big one was games that seemed like someone thought of a really great name, and then tacked a gameplay idea on after the fact. Kaiju Piledriver and Bad Golf are probably the worst offenders here — great names, but the games themselves don't sound all that intriguing, to me anyway.