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  1. Does this mean I have to pay more to keep seeing this just because I missed the Kickstarter deadline?
  2. IIRC, that spy game concept eventually evolved into Psychonauts. If that's the case, it really strayed from what a spy is. I was picturing more of a quirky take on James Bond featuring a Bernard type of secret agent Message from the CIA? Just play NOLF or Spy Fox then?
  3. I just realized that when Ben says, "Some joker took my keys." he's referring to Mark Hamil who voices the Joker in the animated series and Arkham games.
  4. The game is something to behold. May be pretentious and not worth the money to some, but I highly recommend it. Check it out here: http://blendogames.com/thirtyflightsofloving/
  5. Nobuo Uematsu: the Early Years. Also known as cops protecting the ?!@$!& children from the lousy $@5? ?!($86;)'ers that are a bad &$@?"@& !?&@!$in influence on them. For A-)&@$!?-merica and all of the almost racist stereotypical cops who live here. Cheers @!?$@-holes. Can we all agree that Samurai Cop is the best movie ever made?
  6. It's not for the sake of nostalgia, lots of modern adventure games use verb coins. People have been saying that one click for all dumbs the game down a lot, I think a BASS system would work well though. Verb coins are good and they have nothing to do with nostalgia. Come to think of it Grim Fandango was pretty much one interaction.
  7. Thought I'd make this thread for people to share UI ideas and document how they could work. The general consensus seems to be that people like verb coins, it's probably the best to work on both PC and iOS devices. For those of you that don't know what a verb coin is, it's a wheel of verbs that pops up when you hold down left-click on an object. They show the tag of the object underneath it most of the time, and animate when you scroll over each verb changing the tag to "Use OBJECT" respective to the verb you scroll over. To show that you can bring up the verb menu to interact with something, the mouse cursor would change color. There are multiple ways to use verb coins though, in Monkey Island 2: Special Edition when you brought up the verb menu it would show only the verbs that actually do something to the object. So if you tried to use a door it would only show the Open/Close verbs, while this streamlines gameplay it does restrict little jokes like these, "Talking to a door is like talking to a wall." If you used the talk verb in the original 9-verb interface stuff like that would happen. Stuff like that were added before voice acting was possible, so any programmer could add those if they felt like it and it wouldn't take any extra time at all. This was changed quite a lot when voices came around though, having to change those stupid lines to things like this generic line "I can't talk to that.", it makes sense to do this though it does take away some charm of the game in my opinion. There's a game called Ben There, Dan That in the game if you picked up a cellphone and then trekked all the way back to your apartment and tried using it on your TV it would have a unique line a dialogue, after the fact they said it was a huge waste of time to implement totally unique lines for every interaction and that's the reason why they would never attempt voices. Straying FAR off topic here, back to verb coins. So we can have it show only the usable verb coins like Monkey 2: Special Edition, or we can just have it show all the verbs like Full Throttle. It could look like this maybe. This could work on iOS, if you hold down your finger on an object it would bring up the menu with the tag text under it. And for find items you could hold down three fingers and it will light up all the hotspots. These are just my ideas, it would be great to hear more.
  8. I agree with this, while I loved the Sam and Max games they just felt like a frozen world I walked around in.I think going with a BASS or Verb Coin would be the best (probably verb coin). I don't think static verbs would work well. One of the reasons I liked The Dig is that there was no interface, it was just beautiful art in your face the entire time, same goes for Full Throttle.
  9. So a verb coin? Like the Monkey 2 Special Edition had a nice verb coin that only showed what you could do with an object. It bothered me because in the original game they had wrote extra stuff for verbs you couldn't use.
  10. A mormon group thingy whatever it's called come to your door and ask you about the afterlife and oyu can make a variety of jokes to get rid of them.
  11. Yay, it's here. Tim was cutting off his sentences a bit closer to the middle. I'm very interested in how the lighting engine worked then with SCUMM, considering there was only 256 colors and I believe they rationed close to 70 colors for all the inventory, character, and interface objects. I can't find anything about it. Not playing Maniac Mansion is ScummVM's fault. I played DOTT on CD recently and it worked perfectly. I think having a Machinarium style inventory would work well for DFA, along with BASS two-click interactions and when you're not over a hotspot you'll just walk, and I think right-mouse click would open the inventory. To get it to work on iPad double-tap could be right-mouse click and regular tap left-mouse click.
  12. highlights and huge blocky inventory and bottom text should work well on iOS, but I don't think that will work on the PC. Especially the text box with a pixel font.
  13. Same, I liked the straight/crouch/high pick-up animations in Monkey Island 2, even if they were only 3 frames.I laughed so hard at the tree and him chopping it.
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