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  1. I would do this if it was a Sam and Max game... or at least a game where Sam and Max make cameo appearances.
  2. Favorite Joke? (Spoilers!)

    Well, after what Mog Chothra throws at you, who wouldn't?
  3. I cannot wait to play the new and improved Act 1 now! Thanks!
  4. Hats

    How about a Sam hat?
  5. Broken Age, Shay and the World Part 1

    Very nice!
  6. Favorite Joke? (Spoilers!)

    "I'm saving my cream for a life-or-death situation." WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T EVEN
  7. ARMS

    Hey, watch who you're talking to, Hot! We're dealing with an armed man here!
  8. Speaking of crowbarring, why not include a crowbar as an inventory item, because every graphic adventure game has to have one, right?
  9. Actually, I didn't need to look at a strategy guide at all. I figured out the solutions to the puzzles on my own!
  10. I played both Vella's and Shay's scenarios, and completed them, and I have to say... I am SO looking forward to Act 2! I'm glad I beta tested this game!
  11. 4 Hours to Complete Act 1... really?!

    So? Entire Telltale seasons aren't THIS long.
  12. When I hear "Mog Chathra", I think "Final Fantasy".
  13. Vella's trailer excites me... Shay's trailer excites me... I don't know which character's story I should tackle first!
  14. I can hardly wait for it! I'm so excited!
  15. I went with Portal because GLaDOS. That's why.
  16. Finally earned all of my merit badges...

    The Boy Scouts are going to be mad jel. :3
  17. Ooh, that's the first Sesame Street game purchased by people with double-digit ages, right?
  18. No, the correct answer is a Sam and Max game.
  19. Dress up Raz

    Link plz?
  20. I ask this request of you, from the bottom of my heart... ...please purchase the Sam and Max license from Telltale Games. I don't think that company cares about them anymore. I mean, look at their current lineup... Game of Thrones? Borderlands? Some other random overrated franchise turned into an interactive movie with no puzzles whatsoever and the choices lead to the same outcome? Not a single Sam and Max season on their current agenda! Our poor freelance policemen will likely be buried by distractions... They are better off in your hands, Telltale. Once Broken Age is released, make Sam and Max your highest priority. The world will thank you for it. Current signatures: 1. Bad Asp
  21. You made a Monkey Island game?
  22. If everything is preserved in LucasArts, as you say, I hope that means that the Freelance Police recordings are still intact!
  23. Only to disappoint you by employing "wrong" voice actors? Since Double Fine uses KBA Studios for its voice casting, I doubt THAT will happen!
  24. But does Telltale know that?