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  1. Speaking of the savesamandmax.com site... ...should we try to bring it back?
  2. Finally, an interview with someone who's voiced Sam on Samandmax.co.uk! This one is with Harvey Atkin from the cartoon series! http://samandmax.co.uk/2013/11/interview-with-harvey-atkin/ I'm just posting it here because it's unlikely you'll see it on the Telltale message board... you know, because Telltale wants Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us to get too much focus. I'm hoping there's more to come!
  3. And allowed that something shallow to make fun of you for no reason in one of its games.
  4. A side quest involving underwear stuck on a branch? Whoa, drama bomb!
  5. And not only will Sam and Max still be voiced by David Nowlin and William Kasten... but those two actors will voice EVERY character in the series... even the characters who formerly had good voices!
  6. Since you probably won't hear about it on the Telltale forums... http://cartoonart.org/2013/10/sam-and-max-swift-and-mirthful-justice-the-art-of-steve-purcell/ An art exhibit devoted to Sam and Max? Wow, it's about time the Freelance Police were given this honor!
  7. Hiding the discussion for a game that they made this year... yeah, I really think Telltale is trying to bury Sam and Max. WE NEED TO TELL STEVE PURCELL ABOUT WHAT TELLTALE IS DOING.
  8. I wish I could go... I live in New England, but the update should be nice! Can't wait to see more voice acting sessions! Maybe we'll see some more recognizable names like the awesome ones we saw last time!
  9. I LOVE hidden object games! Mystery Case Files has always been one of my favorite series, and the new one coming out next month should be exciting!
  10. We actually can expect history to repeat itself in an instance of what Darth would call 'delicious irony'. As soon as Telltale unsurprisingly gets hold of that really big and popular franchise and concentrates their efforts on that for just a Season or two, the Walking Dead fans will roam the forums, constantly complaining about how they made the company big and are now being ignored, treated like dirt, kicked and pissed on. How Telltale isn't the glorious company any more it was back in 2012, and how the newer games are just too damn geared towards casual gamers and mass compatibility. A vicious circle indeed! And then Campo Santo makes new Sam & Max games? At this rate, I'd be satisfied if SOMEONE did!
  11. I joined to show my support for what would eventually become Broken Age (aka one of the best games of 2014 EVER!) Now, since the Telltale Forums have turned into... well... THAT... I think I'll be posting here more often!
  12. Well, it WILL be really big if a lot of people post here... Anyway, this is a thread about our favorite dog and bunny... and possibly just that. Let's talk about it, shall we?
  13. I disagree. Everyone that gave their feedback in the beta was ignored, wronged, rejected and insulted by the company. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid no matter how much sugar the put in it now. If it makes you feel any better, I never drank it for the past five years.
  14. Yeah... those were the days. I think almost everyone is here except for Pinchpenny... I don't think Pinchpenny has a single post on here. Also, I believe he promised us interviews with the voice actors from Hit the Road and the Cartoon Series. I can link you to it: http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/comment/798366#Comment_798366 I asked "#farmerplz #jamesonplz #atkinplz #tinklerplz". His response: "#yes #comingsoon #exciting" The only interview I've gotten since then was an interview with Melissa Hutchinson, but that's probably only because she was in The Walking Dead... and that's it. Is Pinchpenny... a fraud?
  15. I know I haven't posted here a lot in the past, but I remember the days when I was the only one who questioned Telltale's ethics. Now I'm not alone! I still do not trust that company, and I still think the voices they use for Sam and Max are the most contrived, the most manufactured, the most artificial voices of the Freelance Police in existence! Also, Steve Purcell, Y U NO UPDATE YOUR SAM AND MAX BLOG? Seriously, it's been like AN ENTIRE YEAR. I know you're busy with Pixar, but please... I need SOMETHING here. ...Phew, it feels like a breath of fresh air to get that off my chest AGAIN.
  16. When I heard about Jake and Sean leaving Telltale, my mouth was all like this: Oh wait, that's my promo poster for Insane Guy Of Doom's The Marrissa Games fanfic! My bad!
  17. And not only that, but Danny Phantom fans have the luxury of hearing Danny (David Kaufman), Sam (Grey DeLisle), and Val (Cree Summer)!
  18. She's a very good child actress! I looked at her character, Rocky... she reminds me a lot like Aryll from Wind Waker!
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