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  1. I don't know if I'm ever going to use the Telltale forums ever since the "upgrade"... so I think this place is like a new home for me! I don't want to leave here for a while!
  2. I LOVE the voice actors that have been revealed so far! A lot of memorable names... Richard Horvitz and Nick Jameson from Psychonauts, Jack Black from Brutal Legend, David Kaufman from Danny Phantom, Cree Summer from Tiny Toons (and Drawn Together), Grey DeLisle from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Catherine Cavadini from Powerpuff Girls, Jennifer Hale from Mass Effect, Hynden Walch from Adventure Time, Kate Higgins from Naruto, Jamieson Price from Bleach, John Cygan from Metal Gear, and Kristen Sarkisian... who was with Jack Black in something! Keep it up!
  3. OMG these screenshots make me want to play the freakin' game ALREADY!!!!
  4. I might want something like that... there's so much good things from Nintendo coming out later this year and I probably won't be able to afford it all!
  5. Thanks for the update! Have fun at PAX Prime! And please visit PAX East again next year!
  6. When it comes out on Wii U this year I am DEFO going to get it. I can't wait to experience the at-least-49 islands one more time... and I'm probably going to play the game blind (as in without a strategy guide or walkthrough) to challenge myself!
  7. You know what they say... nothin' wrong with extra long!
  8. Looking forward to the voices of Broken Age... I can tell that you've got a great track record with delivering excellent top-tier casts! What famous VAs will we recognize in this game? Can't wait for the next update!
  9. I definitely hope so, so long as it's in a positive way Fingers crossed! :3
  10. You don't know how BADLY I'd like to see it ported to a Nintendo console. I mean, think about it... the levels seem to be on par with those of Mario Galaxy when it comes to innovativeness!
  11. I'm sure the next session will be even crazier than this one was!
  12. Inb4 it reaches the goal before the first week on Kickstarter is even over.
  13. I don't remember that specifically from the chat, but if you're thinking of lattsam I believe he meant that it was disrespectful of them to accept the roles when Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson hadn't been asked to reprise their roles. Or were there some specific jokes that were problematic? iirc he was talking about a specific line in the final episode, about how the olden days had harder puzzles etc, which a) the voice-actors presumably didn't write and b) although ambiguous I think is pretty clearly implying that Farmer and Jameson were better actors. Considering a certain line in Poker Night 2, I find it hard to believe they think that.
  14. Other things aside, I imagine we'll be hearing lots about the line from Poker Night 2 regarding Sam & Max voice acting. And there's so much to cover, I don't even know where to begin!
  15. It's been a long time since we've had a session for a Sam and Max episode. Let's do one for Situation: Comedy next! BTW, thank you for the suggestion in chat to use this thread!
  16. Monkey Island fans know he's also voiced him: He's also voiced this guy! Wheee!
  17. So far: Double Fine Adventure (obv) Leisure Suit Larry
  18. I know this would probably fit more on the Telltale Games forum, but I think it needs to be posted here. Let's face it... regarding the new episodic Sam and Max series, there are some things that you like about it, while other things about it you hate. Among these are: "I don't like the 3D graphics!" "I don't like the voices of the characters!" "I don't like the fact that they're short!" "I don't like the fact that you can't combine items!" "I don't like the fact that there isn't enough puzzles!" etc. etc. But if a remake of these games was being planned, and the project was announced on Kickstarter, it could help with some of the complaints that people might have about the game, if they have any. The funding could be used for content not found in the original game, like new areas, items, and puzzles perhaps. The original voice actors of Sam and Max (a.k.a. Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson) could be hired to voice the dialogue with enough funding, and provide an alternate voice option for those who are not satisfied with the current ones! And let's not forget the option of multiple languages! Question is, will Steve Purcell and/or Telltale Games agree to something like this? I think we should make this happen, don't you?
  19. Don't forget she's also THE Samus Aran! So, yeah, I'd be down with that! :3
  20. Happy 7th, Psychonauts! Here's hoping that one day, you finally get your sequel! :3
  21. David DeLorenzo here! I'm 33 years old, I live in New England, I do volunteer work at Perkins School For The Blind, and I donated $25! Yay! I came here because I am passionate about graphic adventure games, and I hope that Kickstarter will make 2012 THE year of the genre! THE renaissance of old-school adventure gaming! By the way, if you've played Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, I had kind of a cameo in the first episode... check the Snake Boxer instruction manual... I'm apparently the "Assistant Tongue Forker"!
  22. I agree, it was like that in Telltale's Sam and Max games too. Speaking of, I would like to hear both Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson in this new game. I can see that DF has done a good job with Nick before in Psychonauts... he made Coach Oleander sound intimidating and authoritative (just the way a drill sergeant should sound like), he hammed it up as Dr. Loboto, and he made Mr. Pokeylope sound SOOO SEXAY! :3
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