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  1. For whatever reason, Humble Bundle says I don't have an account there even though I have bought games from them in the past. What can I do about getting the download code for the Doc? I never received the code via email, so now it feels like I've been screwed out of one of my rewards because of some glitches.
  2. Nobody has made a post about this yet? If anybody has, it didn't see it up top. Codename: Reds has an official name!
  3. A spaceship COULD come down! On a more productive note; I enjoyed puzzles in adventure games, but had more fun with ones where the solution could come up organically just by paying attention to your surroundings. I always hated the puzzles that would dump you in a room and you had to figure out something in the room, but had no idea what or how to go about finding out what to do. A puzzle that always sticks in my mind was getting across the minefield in Full Throttle. You learn about the minefield, then see it in action after you follow the bunny. So now you know that the bunnies are the way to get across the minefield, so you need more bunnies. The guy at the stand has a remote control car, maybe that can draw his attention away from the box of bunnies. It has no batteries. Batteries flew out of the bunny that exploded in the minefield. I'll put them in the car. The car has drawn the attention of the operator of the stand. Now I can steal the box of bunnies. Now I can get across the minefield. Brilliant. Maybe this can be chalked up to what was mentioned in the video: The Pixel Hunt. Interfaces that would change based on things that were interactive were more helpful. Then the player would have to figure out the appropriate way to interact with the object. More fun than scanning every pixel on the screen to see what was interactive.
  4. To clarify, I by no means meant that the port should launch alongside the PC version of the game. I meant that post-launch a port to XBLA and/or PSN would be great. I am primarily a console gamer nowadays and as such would love to have a version I could play on my TV. As was stated above, consoles are where most people play and any hope for more adventure games after DFA may indeed lie with a widespread release on the consoles. Hell, DFA could potentially be a Summer of Arcade title in 2013, which would definitely give it the exposure it would need for a console launch - at least enough that could lead to more sales. The general idea was just a curiosity of how many people might be inclined to buy the game a second time (or third if the iPad version actually happens) should the game get ported to consoles.
  5. This may have been brought up before, but I looked back 6 pages and then got bored, so I decided to make a topic. Whatever. Anyway: Even though the majority of us get the game on PC for free (because we backed the Kickstarter, but that's semantics): Who would get it again if it was ported to XBLA or PSN? I want to throw my hat in the ring and say that I would, even after beating it on PC (eventually). Here's another idea. How many people would also pick it up if us backers had a hand in creating and/or naming achievements and trophies for the ports for XBLA and PSN? I think that's another cool thing to possibly get the community in on even after the game is done and out for release. Another reason to port it and get it out to as many people as possible. Just an idea. Feel free to add more.
  6. There are 11,000 + of us $100 backers (not including those folks that donated at higher levels). While that isn't the most exclusive club ever, it is nice to know it is a somewhat exclusive club and is something special if we see each other on the street. I like the idea of a single design for us that donated $100 or more.
  7. Since a lot of us get the game itself DRM-free, I doubt they'd make the Blu-Ray have DRM, or even a region-lock.
  8. Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle were games I played again and again. But I loved just about all the Lucasarts adventure games. The Dig, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Grim Fandango, Sam and Max Hit the Road, all the Monkey Island games; and even 7th Guest, 11th Hour and other graphic adventure games that weren't Lucasarts. But Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle I played so many times I can't even count. I could play them now, at least 10-15 years after I last played them and probably beat them in a couple of hours I knew them so well.
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