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  1. how baout another chapter to a book calling me a troll doesn't do anything benefit, especially when I'm saying how I feel and it aligns with reality and a lot of the things I said are just pure facts. People that blindly support wrong actions are a problem because with enough numbers you can support anything (honey boo boo), and with enough blindness you can even be her mother and date that sex offender. I don't want everyone to go down that path, that is why I'm extra critical because it shouldn't be me who is doing this, they should be thinking this about themselves and teaching us. Tim's games were some of the first I ever played, in many ways he taught me the language of playing games, which is a very important thing. Many people feel positive towards DF because of this but if we have to teach them what they're doing wrong again and again, this isn't going anywhere. Blindly supporting stuff that isn't in your best interests is something people have been doing since the beginning of time so I don't blame you, most likely you are trying to hold onto some part of your ego or something that is personally involved in the company. Spacebase failing should be a lesson that you shouldn't care about a company as much as the actions of the people that make up the company. Investing some of yourself into the trust of a company will leave you empty eventually. There are many talented people working at Double Fine but also a few up top making the important decisions that are messing everything up for all the talented passionate people. All that work on art doesn't mean anything if the person who is the game designer is so bad at their job it is embarrassing. Luckily in games there is a lot of discussion and people understand where Double Fine is right now. The collective PC gaming consciousness is aware and things have changed, no one can pretend things are the same since before DF decided to put Spacebase into full production without a skilled game designer or intelligent plan to make the game fun or finished in a form someone would be remotely proud of. When something is this obvious and you support it even though all the facts are suggesting the opposite, that is when people start to get sick of you for making things worse. I'm sorry if you think I'm targeting you and saying bad things about you for defending DF, but you are actually making things worse by encouraging DF to continue being blind to reality. DF constantly does things with the excuse that it is for fun, like giving the early access version of Massive Chalice to everyone just because so many people asked. Brad is so happy and smiley that of course we don't care, except that the whole deal beforehand was completely different. They change their plans so often it is ridiculous, they don't care about us, they constantly make excuses that they do things because it will make them more money and the fans go "oh okay then". I don't care that Massive Chalice got sent out to everyone that backed because I haven't even played it yet, I haven't played Hack N Slash yet either even though I got a free copy of it. I've seen videos of them, Hack n Slash looks alright though not much different from the prototype which is shocking because it puts into perspective why I always thought certain games didn't have enough stuff in them. I would think maybe its wrong for me to demand more gameplay related fun stuff in games because everything takes so much effort blah blah blah. It only takes a lot of effort if you're bad at your job and you have tools that make you take a long time to do your job. I guess the reasons I haven't played Massive Chalice yet are because the teamstream videos seemed like the game was going to take a lot longer and all of a sudden it is on early access, I didn't have interest in playing it, just from a viewer, and I wished I hadn't backed and just watched the teamstreams, but I backed at $50 for the 2PP doc, which I have no clue about....I have no idea what is even going on about that doc, but seriously the main reason I backed Massive Chalice was because of 2PP, if it was just DF I wouldn't have because I had already backed Broken Age and Spacebase on Early Access at that time. DF started this whole outreach to the community through extra community related videos, livestreams, public Amnesia Fortnight, and crowdfunding, around the same time. Around when MMOJ was coming out. Before that, there had just been that wacky cool kinect game (a game made for the devil), and the 4 games that they had talked about securing after Brutal Legend came out. Those 4 games which it seems like people only talk about Costume Quest and Stacking, and forget TRENCHED! or the sesame street game made for the devil. Costume Quest and Stacking weren't large games at all but they were unique enough that people kept mentioning them just because all the other games at the time were so bland and similar. Brutal Legend was loved by many (especially me) because of its emphasis on Metal. Psychonauts I was told had a great story, but the gameplay truly was too confusing for me when I was younger. Not confusing but the game wasn't well made, was something that I realized later on. The sad part is so many parts of Psychonauts are good! They could update the game now and fix all those pacing and confusion issues and make it flawless in all aspects! When DF started the outreach, then MMOJ came out. That game...I didn't like. I thought it didn't understand the platform it was being released on and refused to do certain things that would make it succeed, and instead of making it to the strengths of the platform and then make it fun, it was this weird game that wasn't fun. Then The Cave came out and I thought it was going to be more profound than it was, and then Ron left the company. Not that cool, and it didn't matter that much because all the hype didn't live up to the actual game, which wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't hyped as much because it was better than Costume Quest or Stacking in my opinion in terms of the puzzles, still think Stacking was the better overall game though, but only because it was a more simple game. The leap games looked cool but Autonomous should have been a full PC game....I don't even know how to explain how messed up that whole idea was. And then we have the current games of today, Broken Age, which still is yet to be determined if that will be a success or not, Spacebase, Hack n Slash, Massive Chalice.... all that people think of DF right now is the delayed Broken Age, which with the documentaries we know they have no excuse now (unfortunately 2PP has been transparent enough that it has made some of us not respect DF as much compared to the videos that other developers provide), and the specific way spacebase was funded. Only the people that played the game are disappointed in how amazingly bad it is, most people only know that the way it was funded was amazingly stupid. Thanks for reading I'll be at your local book store to do signings on christmas eve
  2. Edited to remove negativity from banned user. - DFJustin
  3. the game isnt even out yet and its on sale said i wouldnt come back but here i am to say hello its weird this game is on sale right now signed many disappointed people
  4. hey look I can post again..... what Justin did made no sense. this thread was meant to be for people that werent moderators to talk about the moderators but no one understood that. the posts on page 7....is creepy, and sad, and embarassing. Wow you guys. People like you are the reason girls are always scared to admit they are a girl on the internet. Seriously that is some scary stuff. I could go off on a tangent, but how about treat people with a little respect as human beings. there is nothing else to be said about this. so much facepalming and miscommunication. the way people were arguing with eachother made me laugh a lot but because of how little clue some certain people had. long story short I'm sure the moderators are cool people but if you (cheeseness) couldn't see how the way you were communicating with people was making things worse and worse, you never will. This is similar to why I disappeared from that Bad Golf Community Edition was you, cheeseness. Sorry I mean no hard feelings or to insult you, but it really did seem like Suejak was trying very hard to talk to you and you were purposefully misinterpreting things, choosing to take things in the most negative light. I don't know how else to explain it besides I'm sorry for even bothering with any of it. When I started the thread it was asking for one thing and it kinda happened a bit, we had a bit of discussion. I agree with a lot of what both sides have to say, but as far as having a real conversation and figuring out where the middle ground is, I don't care at all. This is a mess, and I'm sorry for participating in it. I only talked on this forum because I cared and didn't mean to get banned or offend anyone or stir the pot more. I didn't mean for this thread to have as much activity as Tim's post. Sorry for upsetting anyone, but Double Fine, how dare you, seriously how dare you. You should have known better.
  5. cough anyone getting the hint yet? We're not official members of Double Fine, we're just volunteers (I and Darth Marsden even have statements in our signatures stating that). Since we aren't part of Double Fine, we're not doing any sort of policing by stating positive opinions, and we'd be posting the same things if this conversation happened before we became moderators. We are just stating our opinions on the matter, which are just as valid as those who aren't moderators (since we're just fans too, since we don't have any inside knowledge on the workings of Double Fine). sorry but I literally started LOLing. anyone bothering to read each others' posts or is this actually as hilariously awkward as I think it is.
  6. Bye Double Fine, it's been great. I'll never forget Painkiller playing during the final boss of Brutal Legend. \M/ I think SpaceBase might end up killing the company You can thank my comment from november 19 2012 for that, don't blame JP, blame me for cursing it I ended up using mind control and the multiverse to steer reality into making things turn out exactly as I thought. sorry for that
  7. omg Jenni read that guys posts he's being insulting to everyone. saying the person isn't able to understand someone else's point of view is accurate and not an insult. Jenni please just stop posting here
  8. im sorry if you feel i'm not smart enough to use a forum or that you think i haven't used a forum before there were like 5 or 6 threads the natural reaction would have been people to gather in the largest thread there was no point to merge the other few threads to make them impossible to read and scrunched together in the middle of that other larger thread. that makes no sense. is the clutter on this forum so precious to you that you're willing to get mad at other forum members in defense of double fine's spacebase forum's neatness? that attached to this forum's visual layout, or the general philosophies of using a forum, that you actually want to argue like a child with me about this pointless little detail? edit: gonna stop posting, this is sad, the only people defending double fine now seem to be insane or brain dead
  9. keep defending a completely pointless opinion, youre right so keep driving it home, don't bother to think of the other person's side and find the middle ground just keep saying the same thing and talking down to me for not accepting that one sliver of the truth which is partly the truth not the entire story. stop asking people to focus on one of the most pointless details of this story we will definitely reach peace by repeating ourselves like this
  10. its funny because if they didnt do anything people wouldnt have been upset even funnier if they listened the first time it could have been fixed but they went ahead and kept doing it and now look, people are upset. we dont even need to complain about the whole 1.0 release disaster, we could just harp on how incompetent certain moderators seem to be in how they go directly against what normal forum posters are asking, and then seem shocked when those people get more upset. stop actin a fool and just let us talk exactly what the first post was all about just leave things alone if people specifically request it, especially if they describe to you the reason why they want things a certain way, especially when it is something as simple as being able to read a conversation. we've said multiple times merging threads makes the conversations impossible to read and the response instead has been "it actually makes things look like there was a lot of activity in the forum" ROFL yeah I know what you mean it looks like people were all talking in the same forum thread but in reality they weren't it makes a conversation that is impossible to follow, but you insist it isn't impossible to follow. Think about that for a second, I participated in the conversation and I'm saying that now I can't understand the conversation I participated in, but this other genius over here who is so smart they know more about my experiences than I do (so they're basically God), they understand everything and insist it doesn't make things more difficult. Think about the ridiculous lack of caring about the other person's point of view when someone is willing to say that to someone else. They seriously don't care about anything that I said and weren't even willing to consider my point of view.
  11. thats some amazing human robot synthesis if that wasn't copy paste. bravo binary solo 000100100010010011011011101010101011 flight of the conchords reference
  12. my thread was about double fine's reputation in general, it was about 1.0 but my thread was about double fine's reputation in general and not specifically about 1.0 if you want to defend some people on the internet merging threads when the people participating in the discussions in the threads were asking for that to not happen, then good for you. defending some completely pointless thing on the internet. there is no reason for you to defend that. cool stuff the way people are reacting to each other and creating a negative feedback loop of ignorance and excuses is ridiculous and very easy to walk away from. I simply walk away. For the people that have to live around this are why we're spending the time to tell them that what we think they're doing is counter productive. If you want to complain to me about what I'm saying being somehow counter productive as well, cool. They were forced by nature to merge those threads and it was actually my fault for not keeping every discussion to the same thread. the internet isn't one giant forum thread, it is just a pointless rationalization. it is pointless to argue like children I'm going to play some AirMech, I love that game!
  13. so if you tell someone that something makes it hard to follow the conversations but they insist it doesn't and they continue to do it, even though many people are saying it makes things more difficult to read and follow and asking for it to stop, but they dont stop they're basically asking you to leave by being rude to you how about we just leave we're only here to share our frustration of how betrayed we feel why not just peace out and come back in a day or so to read what else happened, but as for trying, how about we stop trying because they are literally making it as difficult as possible for us to even have a conversation here.
  14. I think they're trolling us now the thread saying that people merging stuff together makes no sense and is confusing....just had some posts merged into it theyre trolling us or something
  15. i think it was us complaining about the incompetence of the spacebase team and the mods came in and went "incompetence? I'll show you incompetence!" sorry if that comes across as insulting, it is just my objective opinion on what happened, because it is so obvious that is was the wrong decision it has started it's own separate discussion across multiple threads
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