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  1. Does playing Vella's storyline first not make the ending twist very obvious? For me it really felt like it was designed to be played Shay first, the Vella. Really seems to just work whatever way you play it. I already knew the basics of Vella's storyline through trailers and such, but because I hadn't just played it, the hints like rescuing the creatures never stood out to me. Also, if you play Vella's first, does it end with Mog Chothra falling, or do you see anything that would lead you to believe that it's a spaceship? What exactly was the Red Herring?
  2. How does it play out if you play Vella's first? What happens when you get to the Maiden's Feast in Shellwood? I can't imagine how the story could play out as smoothly as when you play Shay's part first. I mean, I'm sure it does, somehow, but I can't put it together.
  3. Anyone ever played 'Blazing Dragons' on the PlayStation? It was a pretty unique scenario, It was set in a medieval setting, but where the dragons are the heroes, and the human knights (Lancelot etc.) and Merlin were the villains. You played as a young squire vying for the heart of the princess. I loved it as a kid, but could never finish it. I bought it online and finished it last year. Good times.
  4. Brilliant, love stuff like this. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I think for me Full Throttle had the biggest 'wow factor' when I first played it, and for a long while I considered it my favourite. There was something so gratifying about playing the game as someone like Ben, going around kicking EVERYTHING I saw. (To this day if I see a piano I get the urge to kick it and shout 'Play!') Also, the graphics were amazing. By the time I played it, the PS1 was about, but there was something about the cutscenes, especially the opening one, that captured me and caused me to watch it over and over. When I went and played it again, I found it to be a little shallow when compared to the Monkey Island series. It certainly didn't have the expansive and immersive world to explore that the likes of MI2 had. It remains one of my favourites though, possibly still holding the record for 'spit-out-my-drink' laughs in a game (Possibly because a lot of the humour stemmed from the action rather than dialogue). Essentially it's locked in an eternal struggle with Grim Fandango for 2nd place.
  6. I don't know if I could force myself to do that. Might give it a go at some stage.
  7. I was going to answer this but that poll hurt my head. Might shake it off and have another run at it later. Fingers crossed.
  8. Personally I'm not sure why anyone would even have a passing interest in that game. Awful.
  9. I'm at work so I can't attest to the sound quality, but as for the picture and buffer speed, both were great. No stutter or buffering in SD or HD, and skipping ahead/back in the timeline of the movie was very quick.
  10. Thanks guys, never heard of that site before. Seems like a good one.
  11. Wow, Manny looks a little too sinister when he's more realistic.
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