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  1. Thank you so much! I was getting worried that we're getting too close to Rock-tober so I'll send it ASAP! Maybe he'll have time to get to it after Brutal Legend goes gold?
  2. What do people do with their celebrity autographs? I mean, sports fans get balls, jerseys, etc signed then frame it in their "man caves." Why can't I do the same with my video games? I'm planning on shadowboxing it with a mini poster and a plaque with the release date, copies sold, Tim's name, etc on it. It will be cool in my hallway. Maybe I'll do it with some NES carts and get Miyamoto to sign them.
  3. Well okay, how about Doublefine's address then? I'm pretty sure that if I included everything pre-paid, Tim would sign it for me, much like an author would for their novel. I just need to know if: Double Fine Productions, Inc. 525 Brannan Street, Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94107 is their studio's address (a place where Tim would be) or if it's just their merch HQ (Tim probably wouldn't be there much, if ever). Also, my version is sold out of signed copies in the store (Xbox) so there is another reason for him not to say no (double negative, sweet).
  4. I was wondering if anyone had sent merchandise to Tim to sign? I've got a brand new copy of Psychonauts that I'd love to frame and hang in my hallway but first I'd like to get it signed. Does anyone know what address I should ship it to? There is an address on the DoubleFine Merch page. Should I send it there? I will, of course, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return postage.
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